Keegan Walden


> Animation

"The Cookie Caper" 3D Animated Short

"The Cookie Caper" was my first major solo 3D animated film. I created every model shown, and manually constructed the rigs and controls for both the Bear and the Chair. This project is my own from top to bottom in terms of story and set design as well. While there is certainly room for improvement, I'm very happy with how it came out overall. Given more time, I would have liked to refine the animation some more, as well as fine tune the Bear's rig. Also, due to my limited rendering environment and timeframe, there is more noise present than I would like. But all in all, I think this film shows how far I've come in terms of skill and know-how.

Modeled, rigged, and animated in Autodesk Maya. Rendered in Arnold, and composited in After Effects. Sound edited in Audacity.

"Chess RPG" 3D Animated Short

A group project. I created all models (save for a couple components of the castle) and was responsible for post-production and visual effects in Adobe After Effects. I assumed the group’s leadership role, overseeing scheduling and planning, as well as asset organization and facilitating group communication via Microsoft OneDrive and Discord, respectively. I was integral to the directing process and animated most of the camera work, as well as tidying up and editing figure animations. Modeling and animation done in Autodesk Maya and rendered in Arnold. My sound editing was done in Audacity.

2D Animated logo (Nintendo)

I chose to animate Nintendo’s logo because I wanted to incorporate the iconic imagery associated with the brand, like Mario and the gold coin, as well as the level complete music from the original Mario Bros. game. The logo is simple but has strong lines that I was eager to play with in After Effects.This 2D animated logo was created in Adobe After Effects. Sound editing was done in Audacity.

Animated PSA

For this project, I was instructed to create a 30 second, 2D animated PSA using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. I also used Audacity for sound editing and mixing. My intention was to create a funny and visually interesting video that can be viewed and understood by a wide audience.