Tyler Hickey

Digital Author, Technical Writer, Content Strategist


Tyler Hickey is a front-end web developer and multimedia author who has developed multiple websites, pieces of e-literature, and games using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. On top of his digital prowess, Tyler also has a background in technical communications and writing, as well as collaborative learning and humanities, his development skills are always tempered with critical thought and consideration. Tyler still diligently develops new skills and prides himself on his adaptability and agility when faced with new challenges; he has a long term goal of becoming a full stack developer.


Tyler is a graduate of Washington State University Vancouver's Creative Media & Digital Culture and English programs. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Digital Technology & Culture and Literary Studies, as well as a certification in Professional & Technical Writing. He also attended Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT) M.A. program in British Columbia, Canada for one term. Tyler's current ambitions are to find a career where his interdisciplinary skillset of web development and technical communications can be utilized and further developed.

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