Tyler Hickey

Digital Author, Technical Writer, Content Strategist

Picture of Corridor's End main screen, links to the work on click.

HTML5, JavaScript, Game

Corridor's End is an HTML5 game coded in JavaScript by Tyler Hickeywhere the player is thrust into a text-based adventure. Players fight against creatures and specters along a dark corridor, and are asked to make an ethical choice that may just be the difference between life and death.

Picture of The Acquaintance main screen, links to the work on click.

HTML5, Typist.js, Branching Narrative

The Acquaintance is a whimsical piece of interactive fiction by Tyler Hickey that takes advantage of the affordances of hypertext in order to simulate a conversation between a rogue computer system and the user.

Picture of An Account of the Fourth screen, links to the work on click.

JavaScript, Google Maps API, E-Lit

An Account of the Fourth is a piece of electonic literature by Tyler Hickey made using Google Maps API to track the proceedings of a subject through the streets of New York.

Retail Hell

HTML5, FancyBox, Tyophraphic Narrative

Retail Hell is a typographic narrative by Tyler Hickey, and uses the affordances of digital tools to alter the inherent meaning of a story through the manipulation of its typography. Many principles from Johanna Drucker's Diagrammatic Writing are implemented here.

Picture of PeaPod main screen, links to the work on click.

HTML5, CSS3, E-Lit

PeaPod is a piece of electronic literature by Tyler Hickey that encourages open exploration of the faux-social media platform presented in order to uncover the truth behind events that took place in the days previous. This piece particularly explores aspects of digital anonymity and identity.

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