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Video Production and Editing

Here is a music video produced by Travis Jones and Cara Cottingham @ and The band is called

Dead Man Gresham

and the song is called



This is a mocumentary called Unexplained Happenings about an extraterrestrial encounter.
I wrote, edited, filmed, and directed this short documentary that features a true life story and eulogy of a local legend of Vancouver, Washington people call

Popcorn Betty

This film was used as a location video for an application called The Historic Routes Tour of Vancouver, Washington. This application can be downloaded for free from Google Play and The Apple Store
This was our submission to the Portland 48 hour Film Festival that I directed in 2017 entitled


This is the trailer for a feature length movie that I have been directing while going to school called "Be a Mailman"
Movie Website for the feature "Be a Mailman"
This is a fun video I made to help local business promote their event. The Showface 2016 Beard Competition.
This is a short documentary I have directed and produced about the First Congregational United Church of Christ.

Cinemagraphs and Camera Tricks

Pictures with moving images for local business. Trick photography.

Mash Ups

This is a silly mash up of 3 movie trailers. Never Back Down, Back Country, and Gooby are

Gooby Back Down Country.

Short 10 Second Loops

Frantic Loop

Cyclic Loop

Slow Loop