Travis Jones

Web Development


Pet Websites

Here is a great idea! You give me as much pictures, video, and info about your pets and I'll build you a website about your favorite pets. This will preserve memories and give you a fun place to host your pets photos and video. Here is a basic one column site about my Chinchilla Rabbit named Bobo.

Wayward Woman

This website will soon be mobile, but can only be viewed on Desktop. This is a 12 page looping website that showcases a narrative about a Wayward Woman. She's edgy, unpredictable, wild, and free. She is the Wayward Woman. Starring Cara Cottingham.

Creative Storytelling Websites

This is a 12 page Choose Your Own Adventure website that uses Javascript and jQuery to guide the user through the website's story.
This website is part pictures, information, and video. The videos guide the story of "What was That?!" A mystery storytelling game. This website is for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Map Websites
Warning. This site is not yet mobile.
This is a map website designed to locate filming locations for The 2016 feature film 'Arrival'.
I can design any site to have a map and pin points to guide you to information.
Quiz Websites
This is a quiz website called 'What Vehicle are You?' Answer the questions truthfully to find out what kind of a vehicle you are. This website is designed for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Narrative Website Using a Social Experiment
This is a narrative website I designed that involves a social experiment using Facebook.
I asked my Facebook friends to think of a topic using a contest to gain ideas.
Find out who won the contest and what the idea was that won. This website is for deasktop, tablet, and mobile.
Recipe Website for Gluten-free Veggie Pizza
This is the second website I have made in Multimedia Authoring.
It showcases a recipe of how to make gluten-free veggie pizza for people who have gluten allergies, but still love pizza. This website is for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Blackbird/Wallace Stevens Website
This is my first website I made in Multimedia Authoring. It showcases the poem "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by famous poet Wallace Stevens. This site is not yet mobile.