Travis Jones


Travis Jones

Historic Routes Tour - CCHM

This is the project Travis Jones worked on for Senior Seminar at WSUV. This is an application for the Clark County Historical Society. Travis Jones was a content developer on this project. There were up to 30 team members working on this project. The content development team that Travis Was a part of featured twelve creative students. The application is meant to guide new visitors to Vancouver Washington around downtown and showcases historic sites. The application is called 'The Historic Routes Tour of Clark County'.

The Quest for the Mysterious Maiden

This is a responsive designed site that Travis Jones worked on as a project manager. Travis was in charge of a group of 4 students who were instructed to create an original story using storytelling and web development. The content seen in the project were all orioginally designed and produced by the group of four students who were instructed to keep the design as cohesive as possible. The story is about a magical maiden who's powers keep a small town alive. The maiden turns up missing and there are four brave monks who risk their lives to bring the maiden back to the townfolk.

Wayward Woman

This is a 12 page looping website that showcases a narrative about a Wayward Woman. She's edgy, unpredictable, wild, and free. She is the Wayward Woman. Starring Cara Cottingham. Warning: This website is desktop view only.

Pat Jones - Reflecting Back on 91 Years of Life

This is a website Travis Jones made for the soundscape contest. The sound clip I made won a contest out of all of the WSUV sound artists. The sound clip featured on the website was sent to and featured at a European Soundscape Festival called