Final Project Rough Script

Google search for acting jobs in L.A, searches through for a second and applies for one. Maybe upbeat music playing?  

The person searches for acting lessons online, hold for a second here and turn off music. Text comes through saying they got an audition. Text back super excited but rewrite it to make it more professional.  

Search for plane tickets to L.A, place to stay? 

Goes back to spotify (or youtube) to play happy music again.  

Goes to sleep, turns off computer and plays sleep music?  

Morning of the audition. Checking emails? Receives message from mom saying good luck. You reply, “Thanks mom, I’m leaving for it now.” 

After interview, person is nervous. Maybe searches places to get a drink.

Next morning, wakes up and looks at texts. Nothing yet. Mom texts asking, person responds saying no.

A few hours later, person receives text saying they didn’t get the part. The person texts mom, leaves her on read.  

Searches for flights back to hometown.  

Final Critique

I have much to work on! But, here is what I have so far. First, I’ll post the script (which I still want to change certain days with less action) and then the comic version of it I’ve done so far.


The days of my life: an episodic story


Monday- An abuse of power

1.Manager writing the schedule, speech bubble “hey are you coming to my birthday party?”

2. Me, working “oh yeah when is it?”

3. Manager, still writing the schedule: “Sunday. You better be there! It’d be a shame if I had to fire you…”

4. Me, silent, turned and staring while she keeps working on the schedule


Tuesday- Class Delinquent

  1. Me, to my friend while we work on classwork “Hey…Should we leave class?” Them: “Yes please”
  2. me : “okay 3,2,1, go!”
  3. They get caught in the chair
  4. Me laughing at them struggling


Wednesday- Lazy Day

  1. Bed head

2 coffee

  1. Bed head coffee and homework 
  2. Days over, back to bed


Thursday- the most “meh” day of the week

  1. Driving to school “its almost friday”
  2. In class “its almost friday”
  3. At work “it almost friday”
  4. Going to bed “its almost friday!!”



  1. Fridays are the best days of the week” shiny sammy
  2. Payday! Money raining down on me (devil in the corner “pay your bills”)
  3. No school or work! (devil “you still have homework”)
  4. Hanging with friends! (devil “i guess thats ok”)


Saturday- A weekly dilemma

  1. “What should i wear to work?” Holding out different hangers with clothing
  2. “I want to look like a star” marylin monroe me
  3. “This should be good!”
  4. A drag queen walks by looking way better than me



  1. Still workin on it.




Games and Stories and Narrative Oh My!

I play a lot of games. It is so hard to narrow down one to talk about, but I have recently been playing Mass Effect again so I’ll use that! There are three games in the series, but they all work and play relatively the same. Their story is arguably the most important part of experiencing them. Bioware, the developer of the game, have multiple gaming series, including Mass Effect, that are all about exploration and story in a roleplaying game. Every single quest usually has a small puzzle aspect to it, like talking to the right person or outright making a choice from a list of dialogue options. All of them, without fail, add to the overarching narrative of the story. I would not say they are an excuse so much as an essential part of the game and the story they are trying to get across.

The games are some of the best when it comes to choose your own adventure style gaming. There are so many options for the player to choose from- from which characters you save or kill, who to take with you into battle and missions, how much you personally care for all the entangling stories, to every last bit of dialogue you can choose for your character and their backstory. It is an individual experience in a huge universe which of course evokes a lot of emotion for the aspects you personally get attached to. The world building allows you to create your character first and learn who they are before setting you on a mission to become a special military operative. From there the game thrusts you into interesting places like a thousand different planets, alien species, and cities to explore in. It all depends on how much you want to invest, and I invested a whole lot.

Final Project: Redwood

tommy o

For my final project I worked on extending the narrative of my Visual Narrative project. As the story developed in changed through additional focus on character as well as a change to the ending. I am pleased with the additional clarity.

I hope to garner some critical feedback to help guide me in directions I may not being seeing from the inside.

The story is about what can happen when, despite our surroundings, we become hyper-focused on something that may not be so important; lose something that is; and, come to a reckoning.


final project

final project

For this project, I aimed to capture the breathtaking beauty of the ocean, while also shedding light on the devastating impact of plastic pollution. The ocean has always been a source of wonder and inspiration for me, with its vast expanse of blue and the endless diversity of marine life. But as I have learned more about the damage that plastic waste is causing to our oceans and marine ecosystems, I have felt compelled  to raise awareness and inspire action.

Final Project Twine Story

Evesoul Journal is one of the stories I have been working on for a while, so I decided to try and depict it in a slightly more creative way. It is a game-like story using Twine, created with a slightly interactive experience for the beginning of Evesoul using links both hidden and visible. Evesoul’s is a story about a girl, whose sister has been missing for a year now. Following the notes in her sister’s journal, she begins her quest in a mystical world to find where her sister had gone. Besides all of the written story within this, I also drew sprites of the main character, Ellenar. So the reader can get a better feeling and connection to her, as she is the anchor for the reader to this world. This story gives you the beginning of a possible endless story, it is just the beginning, but a beginning can feel like a story itself.

Click here to read 

Final Project – “Kamusta Ka, Anak?”

“Kamusta ka, Anak?” is a phrase in Tagalog translated to “How are you?”. Anak means child in Tagalog and often this term is used by many parents as an endearment towards their children.

For my final project, I wanted to utilize visual and audio to convey the story I wanted to tell. The story I tried to tell is about the main character moving to another country as a nurse while she leaves majority of her family back in the Philippines, hence the use of Tagalog. Because of the distance, the strong connection between mother and daughter begins to weaken. It’s only after a specific event that allows the main character to reconnect with relatives despite the establish connection being cut. Most of the inspiration came from watching how the loss of my grandmother affected my mom. My parents support system are in the Philippines and coming to America rendered them having no one to lean on in a physical sense. I made this video to help understand my parents struggles and how technology has been helping them remember that they still have pillar to lean on.

Translation Note: The words on screen are the translation during speaking portions while the text message portion are mixed Tagalog and English. I tried to make sure all the phrases are translated but there are words that are hard to translate directly.