July 21st: Symbol, Index & Icon


Symbol, Index, Icon


*For the Flash works below, try using Safari or Explorer for your browser. Chrome doesn’t seem to accept Flash.

Book from the Ground: from point to point, by Xu Bing (first pages in amazon preview mode)
Filmtext, by Mark Amerika (2001-2002) 
Inanimate Alice, by Kate Pullinger
Tachistoscope, by William Poundstone

The Cartographer’s Confession, James Attlee

And from last week…
CityFish, by J.R. Carpenter
Found Floppy, by Andy Campbell
How to Rob a Bank, by Alan Bigelow

Blog Prompt:

After exploring the works above, choose one work to view/read in depth. In your blog post, reflect on the role of symbol, index and/or icon in the story’s presentation. How does the type of sign and /or system of signs, help in the narration or presentation of the story?  How might you use different types of signs in your own project?

video lecture:

Final Project – 40%

DUE JULY 31st (post rough draft for Small-Group critique)
DUE AUGUST 4th  (email final project to me)

The final project may be a significant reworking of a previous project  or a new idea and direction.  You may also work on a group project (maximum 3 per group) with my approval. The requirement for the final project is that you incorporate typographic, visual, hypermedia elements and that you work on story structure.

Final Project Rubric:

You get an A if your digital story…

  • demonstrates an understanding of narrative structure: plot, character, development, recognition, reversal/ twist, climax/resolution, etc.
  • considers typography as both a design element and an expressive narrative element
  • uses design elements (imagery, color, type, layout) to create/support narrative context (genre,setting, character, backstory)
  • uses “closure” between images and between images and text to create interest and imaginative projection in the reader/user
  • has thoughtful interaction design (hypermedia, hyperlinks, branching structure, scroll, etc.) with navigation that is clear, yet also in  support or integrated with the narrative purpose
  • is proof-read, checked for errors in grammar, spelling and code
  • has complete content and is finished
  • includes an artist statement with the blog post and/or in the work itself

a B if your digital story…

  • Any work that is deficient in one of the above criteria

a C if your digital story…

  • Any work that is deficient in two of the above criteria

an F if your digital story…

  • Any work that is deficient in three of the above criteria






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