Docent Instructions

Hello everyone! I will be posting the full list of instructions on the Game Changers resources page and printing it out for the exhibit. Please consult it if you need help.


Please arrive 45 minutes before your shift starts if able

Make sure you put on your Game Changers shirt and nice pants/jeans



Take “CLOSED” signs off doors

Turn on BrightSign

Check signage (make sure it hasn’t fallen)

Unlock info booth door (ask security guard)

Boot up all systems (follow instructions for each station)

Sweep front of sidewalk

Clean the floor and windows as needed

Wipe down systems with antibacterial wipes

Clean headphones and earbuds

Clean screens WITH SPRAY, NOT WIPES!



Put “CLOSED” signs back on doors

Turn off BrightSign

Check signage (make sure it hasn’t fallen)

Clean up trash left around space

Power down all systems (follow instructions for each station)

Cover the tv screens and equipment with fabric


Schedule for Next Week’s Set-Up

March 1st (Tuesday)

(CANCELLED) 11:00am to whenever finished – Fix up space, paint, wash windows, vacuum, etc.
Touch up pedestals (black paint)

March 2nd (Wednesday)

9:00am – Meet in Greg’s Office for first transport
9:30am to 2:00pm – Transport all Tech Down to Red Lion, Setup Tables
3:30pm — Class Meets (signage)
Docent Training

March 3rd (Thursday)

12:00pm to whenever finished – Final touch-ups before the show begins

March 4th (Friday)

9:00am – Meet at Red Lion to prep for the show
10:00am to 6:00pm – Game Changers Show

March 5th (Saturday)

5:00pm – Set-Up for Artemis
5:30pm to 6:20pm – Artemis Spaceship Simulator Performance
6:30pm to 7:20pm – Set-Up for The Doubleclicks
7:30pm to 9:00pm – The Doubleclicks Performance

Site Visit — Wednesday, Feb 17th

gc 2016 revised-01

Hello everyone!

This is a reminder for our upcoming site visit at Terminal 1 (former Red Lion building in downtown Vancouver). Make sure to bring cameras/phones, paper, pencils, and some measuring tape.

We will be measuring the walls and floors, brainstorming design ideas, and figuring out how to layout catering services and the fireplace area. I will come with updated plans and signage that we need to account for.

NOTE: Tech/Operations is meeting with Greg in his office to test out the video games we have so far.

Here is the address:

100 Columbia Street
Vancouver, WA 98660