DTC 338 Schedule

DTC 338 11:00pm
Week 1 Intro to App Development
6/20 Native vs. Web Apps (Nicholas)Basic Introduction to the iOS development world (Nicholas)

Creation of apple developer accounts

Development Blogs (Nicholas)

Research Lab (Nicholas)



iOS Development Quick Start

Setting up Developers studio and tools(Nick)

  • Xcode
  • iOS SDK

Hello World! Lab Exercise(Nick)

Research for Hackers (Nicholas)


Week 2 Programming Native Apps
6/27Reading: Code (Lessig) Apple Development
Objective C(Nick and Will)


Intro to nimblekit, appcelerator, phonegap

Lab: Install phonegap

6/29  Apple Development & Objective C Continued…Android Development

Android SDK


Intro to Class Project: Preparing an app for the app store / Writing a simple native app

Week 3 Databases
7/4 Holiday
7/6Blog Post: Code reflection from week 2 Intro to DatabasesCMS (Nicholas)Lab: iOS database tutorial (Nick)
Week 4
7/11Reading: Beautiful Teams: Why ugly teams win Apple App Development: Guest SpeakerLab: using the camera (Nick)

Reading in library course reserves: library.vancouver.wsu.edu/find-course-reserves
PW: 6466kxna

7/13 Android App Development: Guest SpeakerLab: using geolocation (Nick)
Week 5 Phonegap & Marketing
7/18Reading: Rushkoff chapter App Market Best Practices and Trends 

In class exercise: Market Research

In class exercise: App description analysis


Homework: Find an example of an excellent app description and a mediocre one.


7/20 Phonegap lab 


Week 6
7/25 Final ProjectsProduct description exercise


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