DTC 478

Mobile Tech Research InitiativeDTC 478 “Usability and Interface Design” concentrates on assessing the nature and extent of user-centered design and accessibility built into the interfaces of various media objects.  This summer we have organized the course to fit into a cluster of four courses, called collectively the “Mobile Tech Research Initiative” (MTRI), taught during both Summer I & Summer II that aims to teach mobile app design and development.  Along with learning to how to design effective interfaces for mobile sites and assess their use and understand the impact of analytics in the development of websites, the course also provides real-world experience and a project-based approach.  At the end of the course, students will produce a prototype of an app that will be handed off to students in the Summer II courses to code up and make ready for the market.

Because the courses are envisioned as working together for a common purpose, the course schedule for DTC 478 is combined in the same document as DTC 336 “Design and Composition.”  Below is the link to the schedule and the course syllabus:

DTC 478 Schedule
DTC 478 Syllabus