February 22: Kinetic and Interactive Poetry

Read: Kinetic and Interactive Poetry, Rettberg


Blog: After reading Rettberg’s chapter, explore the works of digital poetry listed above. Choose 2-3 that most interest you for a more in-depth discussion of the works in the context of modernist poetry practices such as “concrete poetry”, symbolism, futurism, visual poetry or “vispo”, sound poetry and film poetry. 


Live Stream Traversal of Richard Holeton’s Figurski at Findhorn on Acid: 2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.


TALK: Digital Poetry


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Stephane Mallarme – A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance, 1897


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Filippo Tommaso Marinetti  –  A Tumultuous Assembly. Numerical Sensibility (1919)


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Isidore Goldstein (Isou) – 1940s

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Roland Sabatier.


Concrete Poetry:

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Calligramme, by Guillaume Apollinaire (1910s)

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Augusto de Campos – 1950s (“egg ball of yarn”)

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ee cummings


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bpNichol, Still Water, 1970

Sound Poetry:

Hugo Ball, Dada 

Moving Text (film):

Marcel Duchamp – Anemic Cinema (1926)

Sunrise, Murnau 1927

1937 Len Lye – “Trade tattoo”

Basic programming language:

bpNichol, First Screening


“Nio” by Jim Andrews (2001)


Ottar Ormstad, Long Rong Song (2015)

Between Page And Screen, Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse (2012)


More E-Poetry:


ELD Student Selections

Rough draft due next Friday. Make a Google Doc that you can share with your pod for in-class proof reading.


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