ELD List for Entries

Mariah Gwin – Thomas M. Disch’s Amnesia, a 1986 text adventure and interactive fiction for the Apple IIe.

Holly Slocum – Deena Larsen’s Samplers

Josh Jackson – Inanimate Alice

Kathleen Zoller – “We Descend” by Bill Bly

Jacob Cook – first person perspective

Joel Cummings – With Those We Love Alive, Porpentine

Shawn Sims – A Study in Shade” by Robert Kendall

Julie Pahukoa – Shelley Jackson

Des Smith  – All the Delicate Duplicates

Katya Farinsky – Scott Rettberg

Jake Martin – Colossal Cave Adventure

Jazz Jackson – Doki Doki Literature Club

Elaina Sundwall – ZORK

Megan Riley Bina – Until Dawn

Jarid Schoenlein – Hegirascope by Stuart Moulthrop

Courtney Packard – Queerskins by Illya Szilak

Mason Stiller – Transborder Immigrant Tool

Noelle Tadeo – Emily Short

Dylan Niehaus – Neon Haze by Porpentine

Deborah Dolphin – First Draft of the Revolution by Liza Daly

Joe Redman – Xenoblade Chronicles 2