Video Essays – Elaina Sundwall

Evan Puschak explains that video essays should be short, interesting, and tell the truth. Video essays offer a deeper level of commentary, and manipulate footage to examine ideas, Puschak explains. Kevin B. Lee details in his video essays about video essays how video essays explore their subject as well as examine their subject and offer critical insight on them. He also explains how images, sound, and words can be combined…

June 6, 2019


Film Essay: using the cinema to explore, investigate,  “essay” the world and experience. Michel de Montaigne – “essai” 1) an attempt or effort 2) personal writing on a particular subject 3) open ended (not like traditional college essay) Making a Video Essay: What is your central idea or argument? Write it down in one sentence. What form will it take? voiceover, text and image, pure editing?  Write a rough draft. Storyboard…

October 30, 2018