Cinema Writing

I like that the voice over, adds to the video essay. After watching the films on video essays, I thought about how I use to watch the National Geographic documentaries when I was a child. I use to enjoy watching them and hearing the researchers, and actors voice overs. They sometimes added text as well as newspaper clippings, which was informative. I did not realize that they were video essay…

October 29, 2019


Film Essay: using the cinema to explore, investigate,  “essay” the world and experience. Michel de Montaigne – “essai” 1) an attempt or effort 2) personal writing on a particular subject 3) open ended (not like traditional college essay)     Capturing the mundane real, “pure cinema” Rain, Joris Ivens, 1929   Poetic real, surreal documentary A propos de Nice – Jean Vigo, 1930   Fact and Fiction F for Fake –…

October 30, 2018