Video Essays and Final Project Idea

Video essays are a great way to combine language with images to discuss movies and television shows. When you are writing an essay about these topics it can be difficult to explain what you are talking about without being wordy. With video essays you can use a voice over or text while playing an example of what you are talking about to get your point across. Video essays use visual…

November 3, 2017


  Rain, 1929 – Joris Ivens   A Propos de Nice, 1930 – by Jean Vigo A Diary for Timothy, 1945 – by Humphrey Jennings Toute la mémoire du monde , 1957 – by Alain Resnais F is for Fake, 1973 – by Orson Wells Elegy of a Voyage, 2001 – Alexander Sokurov Sherman’s March, 1983- by Ross McElwee San Soleil/Sunless, 1983 – by Chris Marker Gasland,  2010 – Josh Fox Parallel…

October 28, 2017