Introduction Post

Hello! My name is Sarah West. I am interested in taking this class to take my very basic video editing knowledge up a level. I hope to learn the tools to tell a good story with video, and that by the end of the class I will know more about filming and composition! I am majoring in web development and UX design, so video is not necessarily a career path I am wanting to go down, but more of another skill that I want to develop. I really like watching creative edits in music videos, so I would say that would be closest to what I want to pursue in this class. I really like the editing in A$AP FERG Floor seats. The song is okay, but I really like the fun transitions and editing. On a different note, I also really like the way that the national geographic wildlife documentaries are put together. Or Say Something by Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton. They are all three very different and I like them all!

Alyona Bobrik Intro Post

Hello classmates 🙂 My name is Alyona, nice to meet you all!

This is also my last semester at WSUV and I’m looking forward to learning all that I can in the time I have left here. In my free time I enjoy hiking and photography so this played a big part in choosing to take this course as a means to learn how to document my adventures via video. Pictures are one thing but video can add a whole different dynamic and experience that I can translate to others.

I have a little bit of experience with video as I sometimes vlog my trips and/or put phone video clips into short movies to enjoy with my friends. Hence, I really enjoy watching other peoples vlogs and scenic trip videos.

Here is a video that relates a style I enjoy watching and would like to do one day. It includes both cinematic slow motion of beautiful landscapes and the couples personal moments and experiences from the trip.

Get to Know Katya Farinsky

Photo of Katya Farinsky and Service Dog Lanie
Photo of Katya Farinsky and Service Dog Lanie

Hello everyone! My name is Katya Farinsky and I am a senior at WSU Vancouver majoring in Digital Technology and Culture. Last semester I completed the Professional Writing Certificate and the Games Studies and Design Certificate to compliment my degree.

This semester I look forward to completing Advanced Digital Cinema to enhance my video production skills, and Senior Seminar where I am the Copywriter for The Electronic Literature Organization’s new repository site: The NEXT. Outside of DTC classes, I am the 2020-2021 S&A Fee Committee chair and Lead Writer for the Quest for Arete interactive fiction game. I also recently joined the ELL team as a copywriter for the Figurski at Findhorn on Acid restoration project. In my spare time, I work with Admissions as a Student Ambassador.

If I were to describe my taste in videos, I would probably start with examples in the “edu-tainment” sphere of YouTube and expand to films/TV shows with strong narrative elements, clever world-building, and innovative productions like Star Wars or Firefly. Many times I find myself as obsessed with the bonus features of a movie as the film itself. (Looking at you Star Wars Bonus Disc and Avengers Director’s Commentary track.)

One of my favorite videos is Wired’s How Animators Created the Spider-Verse. I love the editing and insights from the movie’s creators about the technical and creative decisions they made. The conversation flows naturally from the creators to the spliced footage and maintains a high production value throughout.

I also love the highly edited content from the The Game Theorist Channels. This would be the style that I find most natural to emulate in my own work. I love this style because of the way it integrates multiple styles of footage in a cohesive manner. It is precise, informative, and imaginative. This style also feels more intimate compared to the first video so the pair create a nice balance.

While these videos are just a small sampling of what I enjoy, I look forward to picking them apart more so I can discuss their design decisions effectively and better emulate their styles in my own work.




Introduction: Brooke Nugent

Hey everyone! My name is Brooke Nugent, and I’m really looking forward to graduating at the end of this semester! I am a DTC major, and am minoring in Business Administration with a focus in marketing. After I graduate, I hope to pursue a career in advertising at a marketing agency. For this reason, knowing how to create content that is short, sweet, and captivating is a great skill to have!

I sometimes enjoy editing together short videos (usually “music videos” to accompany my own songs) for fun, but my favorite kinds of videos are short films/ads/public statements (the shorter the better) with twists that leave a really emotional impact. For example:

I love how each shot is very deliberate, and when put together is able to portray a long passage of time in just a matter of 90 seconds.

My second favorite kind of video is pretty much the exact opposite–comedic skits, like the ones you’d find on YouTube or TikTok. For example:

I love CalebCity’s skits, because even though he plays most of the characters himself, it feels like he is really several different characters. The way he shoots and edits his videos (so you can’t see him holding the camera) and the way he layers different voice tracks over each other really brings the whole skit together, making the whole thing feel like a real scene with multiple actors.

Alexis Sabatini

Hello everyone, mine name is Lexy and I’m in my final semester here at WSUV. I started making videos for fun when I was younger using imovie on my mom’s mac computer. I took the intro to Digital Cinema class during the summer a couple years back and I loved it so much which made me choose the DTC major.

I made this video last semester for a class. I really like the way it turned out because I had to take different clips of video and put it together. I love motivational videos and it was fun to create.

Nicole Intro

Meet Me!

Hello, my name is Nicole Davis. I am a transfer student from Lower Columbia College. My major is in Digital Technology and Culture, with an emphasis in fine art.

What is your background or interest in video?

This is my second semester at WSUV. I have animated and edited videos for other classes I have taken at WSUV. I can’t wait to learn more about editing and making short films in this class.

Share one of your favorite videos with the class. Why do you like it? 

This video (Shugo Tokumaru- Katachi [Official Music Video]) is one of my favorite videos on YouTube. I love how almost the entire video is a single shot except for the opening and a part in the middle where they are center framed. Overall I love the creativity they used in the video and the imagery, they used throughout the video.

Hogan Introduction


My name is Hogan, if you couldn’t tell. I am in my final year in the DTC program and am incredibly excited to finish my degree. I am hoping to move into the game design field after school, but really any creative sort of field would suit me well I think.

Video is a medium in which I have always wanted to improve on as I consume an insane amount of video content on a regular basis. I can’t wait to explore cinema and learn what I can. Breathtaking cinematography is something I’m interested in, films like Blade Runner 2049 and Mad Max are some of my favorite due to the cinematography.

This whole sequence of the main character arriving in Vegas blew my mind when I first watched it. I know this is a massive budget production but I would like to be able to create something with a similar feel.

Happy to be in class with you all 😀


Tanner Schneider – Intro

Hey, I’m Tanner, a student at Washington State University Vancouver, studying Digital Technology and Culture. Most of my life I have been making videos for the enjoyment of my friends and family, as well as creating fun content for viewers online. I have started multiple YouTube channels based around anything from cars to gaming to comedy sketches. I specialize in writing, filming, and editing videos that heavily include music and humor. When I’m not on campus, I work at a coffee shop and run their social media sites. If you asked me what my favorite things are, I would probably say fish tacos, outdoor games, my husky, and my Subaru. You can likely catch me on campus getting hit by a car while longboarding through the parking lots.

In nearly all my video projects, I try to add a level of humor. It’s almost difficult for me to not add it in while editing. It just happens. Some of my favorite videos on YouTube are the ones that resemble a simpler time in YouTube history. Videos that are less extravagantly edited and rely more on quick comedy were my favorite to watch in the “early days.” One channel that has gone back to this style, is Fairbairn Films.

Their videos are extremely reminiscent of classic YouTube videos, and show that they can still be extremely popular in 2021.

One of my favorite videos that I have made for my classes was a video a few semesters ago for our final project. It is an ad for Bluetooth drum sticks.


Anais – Intro

Hello! My name is Anais Torres. I am a Digital Technology & Culture major with a minor in Political Science. I am a transfer student from Lower Columbia College, and I also went to UNLV for a semester before finding my home here at WSU! This is also (hopefully) my last semester here as well! Class of 2021!

I have played around with video and video editing. I have filmed and edited a couple of videos for classes and it was really fun. I do have a couple of friends that are film majors and I get to help out with their short films as well. I have barely scratched the surface of video and I am very excited to be in this class!

This is one of my favorite videos on Youtube! It is one of those weird but funny in a way videos. I picked this video to showcase because it is a video that I love showing people. It definitely always sparks some kind of reaction.


Madiera Vath’s Introduction Post

Meet Me!

Hello hello everyone! my name is Madiera Vath and I’m a current third year at WSU Vancouver! I’m majoring in DTC and minoring in Fine Arts! The goal is to be an animator at Laika Studios and the fallback is to be a freelance artist.

What is your background or interest in video?

I’ve taken DTC 208, the Intro to Digital Cinema class and in 201 I made short, very amateur level animations with vector shapes. I loved DTC 208 and the creativity I had while making those projects! Since my goal is to be an animator in the future, it just works hand and hand with my interest in video!

Share one of your favorite videos with the class. Why do you like it? 

This video is the behind the scenes of making Coraline. I love thi video because the company means so much to me. I love how it is filmed so that we can see how the artists worked and what their enviromnets were like while creating. Being able to capture the candid moments of creating a bigger picture, it’s something I’d like to explore myself.


Hello! My name is Caitlin, I’m a native Texan and relocated to Washington about 5 years ago. I was originally a Neuroscience major and changed to DTC when I realized an artistic path career wise made me more happy than the idea of going into the medical field.

I love painting in arcrylics, video and audio editing, hiking, and cooking. During many of my outdoor adventures I take my adorable dog Sophie who is 2 years old.

My online persona for my art is The Dizzy Artist. It was created from a joke made in high school and the name just stuck. I also find it unique, so I’ve never changed it.

My superpower is Social Media and Post Production. I experience in coding, film production, video editing, audio editing, character and story design, and social media regulation and analysis.

I’m excited to get to know you all this semester!


aka the Dizzy Artist


Yimin Intro

Hello everyone! My name is Yimin Que. I am a transfer student from Clack College. This is my second year at WSUV. My major is Digital Technology and Culture, and my minor in Fine Art. I am very glad to see and work with you all in this class!

I don’t have much background in video production skills and experience, but I am very interested in making 2D animation and food cooking videos. Below is one of my favorite videos about how to combine real-life shooting with 2D animation.


It is very interesting to watch the animation, but when the 2D animation combined with the real shooting, it becomes more attractive. By learning the technology of digital cinema, I think will definitely improve my ability in video shooting, structure, technique, editing and etc. And I believe it can help me get closer to my current goal, which is to make exciting cooking videos with 2D animation combined.


CC Intro

Hello everyone, I’m a Senior in my final semester here at WSU, and a DTC Major.

What is your background or interest in video?

My focus is in 3D modeling and Animation, and the reason I am interested in video and the course overall is in dual parts a general interest in film as an entertainment medium and for the importance of film techniques in animation projects.

Post a favorite video (from youtube/vimeo) that is in a style or approach to video you would like to pursue in this class.

Animation being a medium where you don’t exactly film your footage (other than stop motion), I am a big fan of the “video essay” format. I don’t expect anyone to watch the full length of a video like this one by Tim Rogers on the importance of Pac Man to game design (another interest of mine), but I very much enjoy the mixed media approach of his videos.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in class tomorrow!

-Cody Claassen