For my final project I decided to make a video about a serious topic, though this video is anything but serious. Although I don’t have a serious case of insomnia, I’ve had far too many sleepless nights to be able to count, especially during this semester where I had some of the busiest months of my life. Bilbo Baggins’ quote would frequently spring to my mind: “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

I drew inspiration from some real life experiences from this video, Like the very random thoughts that can go through your head when you’re trying to sleep. The desperation to make yourself fall asleep, and almost achieving that but having all that progress demolished by some very small thing that you do not have control over.

This video ended up being pretty difficult to make for me, because a lot of this was experimental for me, like trying to film a POV shot, or attempting to stitch together a narrative with a different kinds of footage, including no footage at all. The video is probably one of the silliest things I’ve made but I’m happy with how it turned out, it was definitely fun to put together.

Final Video Essay

My idea for this project came from an essay I wrote in DTC 476, where I discuss what factors can contribute to a game’s success after its release. This is, in my opinion, the best essay I have ever written and was a great candidate to be turned into a video essay.

I am happy with the way this turned out, except I think I could have gone a bit less heavy with the stock footage and images in the intro.


Mario Speedrun

PSMD Finale


vr soldier

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Final Video—Exploring Kalama, WA

My final video subject took a different turn due to unexpected circumstances. What I ended up creating instead was a short “mini documentary” of the town I’ve lived in for about 9 years now: Kalama, Washington.

I feel like small towns are often viewed as “boring”, so I wanted to highlight some of the fun things you can do in Kalama, whether you’re a resident or a tourist. My video focused mainly on the use of visual evidence, various types of framing, video essay narration, and even montage. I actually had a lot of fun re-exploring all my favorite parts of this town to make this video! For some of the footage, though, I had to dig back into my old videos from last summer when we went inner tubing in the river, since it’s too cold to do that right now. Overall, I’m a lot happier than I thought I’d be with how this ended up turning out, despite the sudden change of video topic. I hope that anyone who has passed by Kalama without stopping will now think twice about that after watching this video!



A common question asked by hiring managers today:

What does diversity, ethnicity & inclusion mean to you and why they’re important.

Here is clip from my “informal” submission…

Final Video – Day at the Park

This video was inspired by Zbigniew Rybczyński’s Tango film. I wanted to experiment with both time and space as well as music and space in a short video about two people in meeting in a park. My first goal was to maximize the usage of a space in a single point of time, but have characters move within it through time. Then I wanted the rise in music to indicate the rise of people occupying the space, the faster the tempo the seemingly more chaotic I wanted the scene to feel, while making sure everyone stayed in their own space. The underlining story is about the two people going to hang out under a tree, everything is else is either of them looking for each other or just messing around in the park.

Final Project – The Hundred Islands

For my final project I made a video essay about my trip to the Hundred Islands in the Philippines. This video essay is a montage of footage I’ve taken, with a voice over of me explaining what the viewer is seeing. In the video I give the viewer a tour of what I saw at the Hundred Islands and I talk about my experience there. I hope you find this place as interesting and beautiful as I did!

Final Project:

Birdzilla VS Dog Kong:

My final project for this Digital Cinema class is a comedic play on the classic Godzilla movies. I wanted this video to be lighthearted, and to look purposefully low quality and homemade. I had a lot of fun making the set and sourcing audio and video from the original Godzilla films. This project uses sound and video from The 1954, 1955, 1984, 1985, and 2000 Godzilla Movies (I had no idea there were so many Godzilla movies!). The features of digital cinema that I was exploring in this project were continuity, composited video, and video mashup. This video also had a strong emphasis on audio and special effects. All in all, I am pleased with the final product that I created, and I hope that it makes you laugh!

Special thanks to Sunny the parrot and Gigi the dog for being my actors in this film! I promise that they were both filmed at separate times for safety and that they were both paid fair wages in treats and playtime.

Final Project

Artist Statement: Exploring The Wooden Show Tulip Festival 

I’ve discovered throughout this semester that I lean towards montage video clips. And with the semi random arrangement I hope to show snippets of a place to inspire someone to see what I see. Beautiful nature with so much to see and explore. I hope you find this montage arrangement of video clips to be inspiring and spark a want to visit this place yourself.

Final & Artist Statement


Dungeons and Dragons is a game often misunderstood by the masses, yet those who have had the change to experience D&D often find it incredible enjoyable. I personally have had nothing but positive experiences come from the game, and I wanted to make something that could provide an opportunity to introduce the game to more people. The game itself tends to range in emotional tones, but my favorite is always one of comedy, which I chose to model the video around. The initial cut was significantly longer, filled with more jokes, but I think the trimming of the fat so to speak has resulted in a much better video.


Final Project (Final Cut)

Final Project

“What do cats dream of?”

Artist Statement:

What do cats dream of?

For my final project video, I made a funny video about some of the possibilities there are in guessing what a cat is dreaming of while they are sleeping. The short shows multiple examples of different dreams. Along with the one dream owners don’t want their cats to have about them. And due to cats being such strange little monsters, I wanted most of the dreams to be heavily edited and strange-looking while still being pleasing to look at. 

I wanted to use as many different types of film editing as possible. My video explores class concepts such as continuity editing, montage, compositing, and sound design. All of these elements help add to the overall video experience and storytelling of the short. For the narrative of the story being the different types of dreams, I composed videos from multiple different sources online such as from the Godzilla movie, which I took clips from and created a montage of scenes from the movie that would fit the description of the dream. I also used a lot of smaller green screen layers such as health bars to create a more complete image of the cat’s dreams. For my final video, the short heavily exploits video compositing as almost every shot in the video has a green screen effect on it, due to the film being all dreams I went heavy on the green screen effects to give off a strange dream look and to further alter the reality of the scenes in the short film.

Final Project (Final Cut)

Artist Statement:

The Days Before Covid

Sometimes, people can just feel suck in the environment they end up in. It seems like it’s the same day in and day out. It’s even harder to change your habits when you’re locked inside with nothing to do but work and dream about a time before the pandemic. What was life like back then, anyway? Sunshine and rainbows, picnics, and being able to go to your friend’s houses? It became so different when we, as students, were told we were going online. Longing for the days we can go outside and have some real fun again, watch as this student slowly slips away from her studies to realize something.

This short film aims to achieve what the life of a student is like while quarantining and attending online school. It shows what she’s been experiencing in the world of the pandemic. Additionally, as she tries to think back on her old memories, she finds that it’s hard to focus and come back to reality.

Final Project (final cut)

I summarized the video of the previous job profile assignment and opened my final project video in a narrative way. I connected them to better express the whole story of Fanny in the pandemic. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I cannot re-interview Fanny and modify the noise issues in the video. However, in the next 208 class, I will continue to learn and accumulate experience on this kind of issue. I enjoyed this class very much, it was very interesting and valuable! Thanks!

Final Video

For my final video, I decided to make a spoof of an infomercial/cheesy commercial. My video explores class concepts such as continuity editing, montage, compositing, and sound design that adds to the video experience.

Final Cut – Dark Souls III: Why Challenge is Compelling

Artist Statement: For my final video I chose to further develop my video essay. This essay explores on what makes a game like Dark Souls difficult, but also why that difficulty creates interest. I wanted to make this video partially due to my own passion for the series, but also to explore the game’s notorious difficulty, which is something that can put off newcomers.

Dark Souls, and other “Souls-likes” are in a way a call back to the quarter gobbling games you would find in an arcade. The threat of a game over, or in this case the risk of losing all the progress you made upon death is ever present. The goal however isn’t to make you spend more money, but instead to create a challenge that feels compelling. Progress you make feels earned, and while your character will gradually grow stronger over the course of the game, true enjoyment comes from your own improvement.

I chose to focus on what I considered the core elements of Dark Soul game play, but I really only scratched the surface in this video essay. I could easily go on for hours analyzing Dark Souls’ game design, so my own challenge was to create a vertical slice by focusing on the player’s initial choice of starting class, and the balancing of health, stamina, and healing that is required of the player.

If I were to expand further on this project I would next focus on the level design of Souls games, but as stated that could be its own, and likely several own videos.