Run Lola Run

I really enjoyed watching Run Lola Run. The story reminded me of the Netflix series Russian Doll. In both shows, the main characters die, but they receive multiple opportunities to restart the day and change their actions in order to circumvent their impending doom. The cinematography for Run Lola Run seemed very creative and unique. The movie frequently used continuity techniques such as match on action, motivated POV, graphic match,…

September 17, 2019

Cinema Narration

The Classical Hollywood Style: objective camera (no looking at lens) cause and effect editing goal or desire and an obstacle to goal closure – plot resolved time and pace for story effects and information Aristotle’s Poetics, 335 BC:  plot = “the arrangement of the incidents” into a whole drama vs. narration / show vs. tell (mimesis) unity of action (cause and effect chain) complex plot: reversal and recognition tragedy arouses…

May 5, 2017