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In Lev Manovich’s article, What is Digital Cinema?,  he discusses digital manipulation, what cinema was, and how digital cinema has changed cinema identity. He states that “cinema is the art of the index”, our effort to make art and create something new and different from something natural (2). With the use of digital editing tools cinema’s indexicality identity changes with the way it is manipulated, some films can even be…

October 10, 2018

Post-Continuity Editing

Some of the cinema and narrative techniques used in Run Lola Run including montage, split screens, animation, and loops. The use of montage can be seen in scenes of Lola running from place to place, and within this montage there are also montages centered on the people she runs into. This montage within a montage helps communicate the idea of the timeline changing, and these time shifts show how each person’s lives…

October 9, 2018

Narrative Spaces

Framing Assignments Skyfall edit – frames, shots, scene, sequence Framing Assignment – composition, camera position, on-screen/off screen space, reveal and conceal, projective and imaginary spaces Screen Grab Assignment – scenes built from shots, edited shots link spaces, temporal events and story Cinema language (not exactly like a language) mise en scene – world depicted/in front of the camera, faces, landscape, gesture, costume framing – camera position and lens, moving camera…

May 5, 2017