Liminality: Final Project

For my final project I a video essay that worked with elements of montage and compositing. The word “liminality” has always been something I come back towards. When writing papers in media studies and in general education classes, it was a concept that I revisited in a variety of contexts to help me understand the human condition. It’s a topic I can talk about at length, both in its sociological/anthropological concept and societal necessity as well as its mythopoetic context as an extension of the chthonic underworld and life-death cycles that are abundantly symbolic in world mythology. It often acts as a precursor that alerts me that what I’m about to read will be of interest to me. As such, I thought such a broadly used word would make a great topic for a meandering video essay done in a stream-of-consciousness manner. Some shots have elements more of motion graphics or kinetic typography, abstract imagery that doesn’t imply any causality or cinematic space. Other shots are used independently, clips of stock video and out of context footage. My voice appears with text or with video of myself. This all bleeds together defying attempts to construct a narrative space and leaving the audience with only the ideas, a liminal space in itself. And as liminality is by definition an unresolved state, I left the video on a hanging note, intentionally making it feel incomplete and unresolved.