Pocket Cinema

After reading “How your smartphone is changing cinema” and watching the accompanying trailers as well as the Detour short film, I believe iPhone filmmakers are attempting to develop something new within the confines of the format the phone provides.   In Detour we see many features that are unique to this filming format. As a handheld device, in the scene where the point of view is from a man resting…

June 21, 2018

Narrative Spaces

Framing Assignments Skyfall edit – frames, shots, scene, sequence Screen Grab Assignment – scenes built from shots, edited shots link spaces, temporal events and story Framing Assignment – composition, camera position, on-screen/off screen space, reveal and conceal, projective and imaginary spaces Rule of Thirds vs. Symmetrical Framing – daily bread clip Cinema language (not exactly like a language) mise en scene – world depicted/in front of the camera, faces, landscape,…

May 5, 2017