March 10, 2014

Sound Recording/ Sound Design  >  storytelling Recording Sound for Video keep silent! (important for interviews) mic within 3 feet of subject (boom, directional, lav, hidden, phone) record “room” tone or ambient noise (30-60 seconds) to cover edits keep the mic away from bumpy surfaces and direct wind (wind cover) if necessary, redo shots just for the sound with the mic close to subject  add sounds in post-production (foley) mix sound,…



February 10, 2014

Editing Issues? Adobe Tutorials shoot 720p, edit by dragging clip into timeline Premiere export in codec .H.264, format .mp4 Presets for Vimeo and Youtube Upload to Vimeo compression guidelines Upload to YouTube compression guidelines creative playbook Framing: Look at Framing Assignments… ———————————— Continuity: “Rules” Continuity Editing (and Shooting): Establishing shot  180 degree rule 30 degree rule Cut in / Match on Action Motivated Pov shot Eyeline match/ Shot Reverse Shot Empty…



January 27, 2014

Framing (camera position) Variety of camera positions and angles keeps the eyes busy and interested, evokes the space and psychology of characters. Maintaining a single angle or distance reinforces a point of view. types of camera positions: ELS – extreme long shot (landscape) LS – long shot (full body) MLS – medium long shot (from knees up) M – medium (from waist up) MCU – medium close-up (from chest/shoulders up) CU – close-up (face) ECU –…