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If I were to make a short documentary of the Eagle Creek Fire and its aftermath, I would pursue a story around the extent of damage done by the fire, and how it affected both the land and people. To start off, I would interview people who were there, and anyone who recorded footage of the fire. In Hampe’s article, he states that good footage can’t be substituted, “you have…

October 10, 2018

Eagle Creek Fire – Visual Evidence

October 2, 2018

  For those of us who lived in the southwest Washington / north Oregon area at the time of the Eagle Creek Fire, the experience is unforgettable. I remember the blanket of ash on my car and the intensity of smoke in the air. After experiencing a true forest fire for the first time, I would focus the story of my documentary on the aftermath and the memories / personal…


Taylor Jones – Eagle Creek Fire Blog

If I were to be making a short documentary about the Eagle Creek fire and its aftermath, the story I would pursue would be that of the people whose jobs and homes were affected. I would interview forest service workers and the people who had to evacuate, especially those who lost their homes. The narrative would include a quick summary of exactly what happened, how the fire started, how far…

September 27, 2018