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I think the scene where director introduces that Faron became addicted to crystal meth is powerful due to the importance of the visual evidence. The camera zooms in on his shaking hands pointing out the clear signs of addiction. The panning from his hands to scene around him, and specifically his girlfriend’s face, all emphasize the way addiction looks to people on the outside. The preparing of the meth was probably staged and can be considered b-roll, but it emphasizes how deep into the cycle of addiction Faron is. They even have a voice over of him saying that he sells to use. The scene later in the film is great at pointing out one of the dark paths of addiction and selling drugs. When he is accused of ratting out another dealer and begins to receive death threats the documentary shows Faron slipping into paranoia. The camera focuses on him being alone, rambling to himself and yelling out the window. The director cuts out possible dead space between Faron’s ramblings, but the footage kept is evidence of withdrawal.