Final Project – Preparing Her Space – Elaina Sundwall

This is an interview with DianaLynn Canfield, a licensed clinical social worker, about how she cleanses her therapy space, including how she cleanses using her drum. The class concept that this work focused on was visual evidence, and my main struggle with creating this video was that I had not collected enough of it. Given the opportunity to make another video about her, which I have and will probably make,…

June 17, 2019

Video Essays – Elaina Sundwall

Evan Puschak explains that video essays should be short, interesting, and tell the truth. Video essays offer a deeper level of commentary, and manipulate footage to examine ideas, Puschak explains. Kevin B. Lee details in his video essays about video essays how video essays explore their subject as well as examine their subject and offer critical insight on them. He also explains how images, sound, and words can be combined…

June 6, 2019

“Horses being Horses” – Elaina Sundwall

Horses being horses, now color corrected. I scrapped several attempts at color correcting, and ended up using an adjustment layer on the majority of the shots, and once most of them looked correct, cut out the adjustment layers of the shots that did not look right, and edited that portion of adjustment layer. Mostly what I adjusted was the intensity of the “Look” filter, which was “SL CLEAN KODAK C…

June 4, 2019

“Horses being horses” – Job Profile – Elaina Sundwall

The main subject of this video became what my interviewee, Bronwyn, referred to as “horses being horses.” The video begins with a montage to establish place, and the care that goes into owning horses. Bronwyn speaks briefly about pushing horses to work gently at the beginning of the video, and then at the end of the interview mentions again that the horses are there to work, but the bulk of…

May 30, 2019

Job Profile Update – Elaina Sundwall

I have collected eighteen minutes of interview footage, accompanied by a wav file that I am unsure of the quality of. During the interview I adjusted the microphone multiple times. Upon arriving at the barn, my subject was already preparing to groom the horse, and was about to groom the horse before filming until I stopped her so I could collect that footage. The subject was eager to do the…

May 28, 2019

Visual Evidence – Elaina Sundwall

Hampe says to always ask your interview subjects “What can I film that will show an audience what we are talking about?” They know. They’ll tell you.” Beginning with interview subjects closest to the start of the Eagle Creek fire and gradually building out, to show the vastness of the destruction, would be how I would first approach the subject of the Eagle Creek fire. The extreme destruction of homes…

May 24, 2019