Run Lola Run

There are many narrative and cinema techniques used in the film Run Lola, Run. The film’s setting and backstory are established in the opening sequence when the money is lost on the subway and recovered by a lucky commuter. Other techniques used are scenes of flashforward montages where a single instance dramatically changes specific character’s lives. Regarding digital aesthetics, Run Lola, Run presents many different types of shots to the…

July 10, 2018

Time Frames Blog Post

In the Black Panther, the main character seems to run much faster in this shot, as he falls in the following. The rapid steps and destruction of the sign, plus a bit of speed in the CGI department aide in adding to the speed of rhythm of the shot. In the free-fall shot, the character seems to hang in the air right as he reaches the vehicle. In this second…

July 8, 2018

Run Lola Run Post

Run Lola Run relies heavily on a nonlinear technique that presents Lola’s story repeatedly with slight variations in each rendition. Through this repetition of scenes the movie relies on digital methods of video editing that allow for time changes. As noted in the reading, digital films challenge the framework of what is real by deconstructing and showing what can normally not be seen by toying with speed, focus, etc. In…

July 5, 2018


For my video in regards to continuity editing, I chose to have my lovely girlfriend make some eggs. I used a couple of different framing techniques to film the preparation and cooking process. I used an establishing shot at the start of my film with the lights coming on to set the scene. One of my favorite shots is the over the shoulder canted/Dutch shot of my girlfriend cooking the…

June 28, 2018

Scene Framing

Sherlock Holmes (boxing scene) This scene in Sherlock Holmes is a fighting sequence that relies on numerous close up shots and slow paced action to portray a comprehensible continuity of movement that is normally too fast and distant to pick apart by the human eye. By focusing closely on the actions of Sherlock Holmes in slow motion while periodically providing long shots to establish location and presence of other characters,…

June 26, 2018