Blog Post – Video Essay

When it comes to video essays, I think there’s a lot of liberties and creativity an editor can make in order to get their point across. Text can be used to emphasize keywords and ideas to the audience, and clips from other films can also be utilized as visual evidence. Actually, video essays remind me a lot of power points but just simply with extra movement and sound to make…

October 30, 2018

Video Essay & Final Idea

October 29, 2018

I think that video essays can be an effective form of communicating a perspective. I feel that adding images to text gives the viewer a reference for the message. Moving images will only further explain the argument a person is trying to make. When words are combined with text, sound, graphics, and video the viewer is allowed to be fully immersed. It helps that when you are making an argument…


Taylor Jones – Video Essay/Final Project Blog

Video Essay: I am a big fan of the use of language with image. I loathe writing anything, especially old fashioned essays. I whine and complain whenever I’m forced to write anything, but I whine only an iota less when I have to write something for use in video. The multimedia aspect of a video essay is very intriguing. You can use someone’s voice to directly quote from them in…

October 24, 2018

Visual Evidence Blog

If I were to make a short documentary of the Eagle Creek Fire and its aftermath, I would pursue a story around the extent of damage done by the fire, and how it affected both the land and people. To start off, I would interview people who were there, and anyone who recorded footage of the fire. In Hampe’s article, he states that good footage can’t be substituted, “you have…

October 10, 2018