Alexis Sabatini – Video Essay


I took different videos from YouTube to create this video essay. It’s basically a sequence of sound and video to get the point across. It’s an essay to promote earth friendly products. SimplyShift is a brand from my friends business that I created this video for.


  1. What is your central idea or argument? To promote earth friendly products.
  2. What form will it take? Voiceover, text with image, pure audio/visual sequence without language?  Pure audio/visual sequence

Wk 11 Blog Post- Video Essay and Final Project Idea

Video essay was a new term I learned but now that I know what these are I realize just how many YouTube videos are created and portrayed in this way. A YouTube channel I often watch came to my mind.


It’s called The Infographic Show. This channel crates animated infographics that teach and explore a subject. This style of video essays is both entertaining to watch and educational. It’s a reporting style of sorts created with a mix of graphic imagination and creative imagery that beautifully illustrates a topic with an off screen narration. The combination of the two is great visual journalism with anonymous narration. As the voice speaks the graphics play along with it, visually illustrating the idea at hand.

If I was to create a video essay I would probably try this similar approach of graphic illustration to explain a thought or point. I think this approach is fun and interactive. It’s something different then typically used existing clips or specific made footage. 

Final Project Idea-

A short documentary is of most interest to me right now. One of my ideas it to create a  documented series of a trip to Utah I have coming up. This is my first time going there and I’d like to portray the state for anyone else wanting to visit one day. I think a 2-3 minute video will be enough to highlight the beauty of the state. Class modules I would be exploring include visual storytelling, montage, and visual evidence. All I need at this point is to wait out until the time of the trip comes. Meanwhile I can try to plan out shots, collect inspiration and find background music.