The Whale Hunt

Interactive Video is an interesting idea to me.  The concept itself in a way bridges the gap between a video and a game, as the viewer is directly involved in the narrative in some way or another.  The Whale Hunt was a very interesting piece that I viewed.  It is comprised of a photographic slideshow with thousands of images.  I find that The Whale Hunt is closer to a database…

October 27, 2017

Interactive Cinema

“The Database” by Lev Manovich explains the form of new media. CD-ROM’s are storage media and are the most obvious examples of popular multimedia encyclopedia, collections by definition (219) CD’s are a collection of recipes, quotations, photographs and so much more. HTML, a website, is a sequential list of separate elements; text blocks, images, video clips, and links to so many different web pages. You can upload files and links to any website. Websites are medium due to…

October 26, 2017


  Assignments… Database Logic,Lev Manovich database: a structured collection of data no beginning or end,  multilinear encyclopedia, catalogs, index/search HTML, Video Games – an interface to a database narrative shell masks the algorithm of a game. the key to the game experience databases < interface > algorithms narrative = cause and effect chain, character, event syntagm/paradigm cinema : assembly line sequencing Dziga Vetov, Man With A Movie Camera   Peter Greenaway,…

May 9, 2016