Hybrid Spaces

In Lev Manovich’s article, What is Digital Cinema?,¬† he discusses digital manipulation, what cinema was, and how digital cinema has changed cinema identity. He states that “cinema is the art of the index”, our effort to make art and create something new and different from something natural (2). With the use of digital editing tools cinema’s indexicality identity changes with the way it is manipulated, some films can even be…

October 10, 2018

Hybrid Spaces – Star Wars Wars

For this week’s post, I decided to cover the video Star Wars Wars as I find it an interesting example of hybrid space. Normally when we watch Star Wars, or any movies that have sequels, we usually watch it one at a time or maybe in sequential order according to the story’s events. However, these people decided to overlap each film onto each other and play them all at once!…

October 9, 2018


  Assignments… Database Logic,Lev Manovich database: a structured collection of data no beginning or end, ¬†multilinear encyclopedia, catalogs, index/search HTML, Video Games – an interface to a database narrative shell masks the algorithm of a game. the key to the game experience databases < interface >¬†algorithms narrative = cause and effect chain, character, event syntagm/paradigm cinema : assembly line sequencing Dziga Vetov, Man With A Movie Camera   Peter Greenaway,…

May 9, 2016