Hyper Cinema – Blog Post

Seances is a very interesting experimental film project. I think it’s very idiosyncratic as it allows each viewer to play a direct role in choosing their own uniquely generated film that can only be viewed once. The interaction in Seances only commences at the start when viewers choose which assembled film to view. The story of each film is one of a kind since the algorithm generates scenes created from…

November 11, 2019

Interacting with Pry

Pry tells its story through several different lenses users can look through. It is organized into linear chapters that form a plot and presents most of itself through video. However, there is a important level of interactivity and a handful of moments where it deviates into both a different form of interaction and becomes nonlinear. Users look at three perspective from the protagonist’s first person view: what is directly in…

November 5, 2019


Assignments… Database Logic, Lev Manovich database: a structured collection of data nonlinear, multilinear, branching encyclopedia, catalogs, index/search HTML, Video Games – an interface to a database narrative shell masks the algorithm of a game. the key to the game experience databases < interface > algorithms narrative = cause and effect chain, character, event   Database: Peter Greenaway, The Falls Interactive/Branching Interactive Cinema Kinoautomat (1967) “At nine points during the film the action…

May 9, 2016