Music in the Time of COVID-19

I was fortunate enough to interview a good friend of mine on his personal experience during the time of COVID-19 and how music has been a source of comfort. We talked about his career as a teacher and his passion for music and how it all collided with a global pandemic. As a talented musician, a young teacher, and survivor of these “unprecedented times,” I knew he would have a lot of insight to share. The interview was conducted very candidly and unscripted so that the topics would be most genuine and organic, with the conversation lasting nearly an hour. After the interview, he showed me several of his instruments and the tools he uses to write songs. I left the camera rolling to collect visual evidence of his musical expertise and when he made a new song on the spot it became the backbone of the video, providing the music played throughout. I conducted all videography and post production. The location had a large amount of natural light through a sliding glass door, but I brought an extra lamp to use during the interview. Editing was done in Premiere Pro.