What’s up I’m Rachel

Background in Video I don’t have much background in live-action video, but I have at least a little experience in animation, and I know how to do¬†very minor editing¬†(like, I can make cuts and add text and that’s about it) in both Adobe Premier and After Effects. Equipment I own an iPhone 5. Aims for this Class I intend on being a professional animator, and since (by my understanding) a…

June 20, 2018

breaking the ice with david schneider

When it comes to my background in film, I have some experience. During my eighth grade year in middle school, my English class was the first class to start an in-house news program for our school. It became immensely popular and still continues on air to this day. Also in terms of experience, I have taken a year of classes here at WSUV in the DTC program and have learned…

June 19, 2018