Job Profile Final Cut

I added some more visual evidence to show the online store, the kind of clothing she’s sold recently (mostly shoes), and number of followers (61k+). If you’re interested in shopping her store, you can find it online at or on the Poshmark app: @amyellaboutique  

October 31, 2018

Pocket Cinema Blog

The Michael Gondry short and other iPhone movies aren’t necessarily trying to be like film. I believe that regardless of whether they try to be cinematic, most of these films create something new. AS for trying to be cinematic, it all depends on who is filming it. There are definitely efforts to be cinematic with the style of framing and quality of lens. For instance, the iPhone movie, Night Fishing, was shot…

October 9, 2018

Pocket Cinema

August 29, 2018

These iPhone “movies” are trying to be their own genre of moving images. I feel like the creators are trying to create something new based on the proximity of the subjects and the personal framing. The iPhone and other mobile devices offer the capability to create a film solely on the device as an individual team rather than a crew of people to shoot, produce and edit. I imagine people…