Here’s my Montage 🙂

I decided to go with a dream like state and play off of a temporal montage frame work with my film. Let me know what you think.

For this I used a variety of shots. Long, medium, close up, extreme close up, and extreme long.


Montage Assignment

Dress for Success is a temporal montage that summarizes the process of trying on clothes to find the right outfit for an important event. This montage is meant to convey the struggle of feeling like there is nothing to wear and trying on outfit after outfit. I tried to create a rhythm through the repetition of actions where I walked out in an outfit, reacted in the mirror, and then cut to the growing pile of clothes on the bed. Gigi was the perfect little reference to cut to in between shots to add interest and to tie the shots together. The use of sound in my montage was minimal, and I had tried to put it at the end of the shots to help transition to the next ones. The phone notification noise helped transition to the shot of me looking at my notification and the sigh at the end of that shot helped transition to me walking to the closet. The sounds that I made in reaction to the outfits were meant to help transition to the cuts of the clothes being thrown on the bed. I do not know if my audio choices were entirely successful in creating smooth transitions, but I had fun filming and editing this project regardless.

Alexis Sabatini – montage

This is the montage assignment. This footage was taken back when we were able to go on campus. There was a lot of footage that I broke down and edited to show a certain rhythm. I wanted it to change from a calm vibe to a more fearful and anxiety driven vibe. I did this with different shots showing different perspectives and then I added some sound that reflected the feeling of the characters.

Bobby Wilson-Montage

For this montage I decided to hint at space and time taking place throughout a few hours, and I used some continuity also. I used the same location, but different actions, and jump cuts to break space and time while telling the story of a daily passage of time. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy as well as critique.

Blog: Week 5 (Hale County)

I found it interesting how weather timelapse was one method used in transotions between scenes and storylines. These were often used after seeing a younder child, then switching to the story of Daniel or Boosie and her boyfriend. I saw this as a passing of time and a symbol or point that this is where the main people came from or how they started out.


This idea is further shown when Daniel’s mom is shown talking about how they were seperated for most of his life due to his grandmother raising him. The transition and use of the sound of children paying is also used in this scene.

Hale County This Morning, This Evening – Response

(I was not able to take any screen captures)

A sequence that grabbed my attention in Hale County This Morning, This Evening happens at 37:08. This sequence goes as follows:

  • people riding bikes
  • a man riding on horseback
  • a squad of military vehicles
  • a shot of birds flying off of a structure
  • A man being comforted, possibly after being injured playing football
  • food being prepared
  • A child getting a haircut
  • Finally, a man talking about what it would be like if the police didn’t have guns

These shots work together to convey how disruptive the police/military are in the lives of the people of Hale County. Specifically, the juxtaposition of the shot of the man playing around on horseback, followed by the shot of the military vehicles helps to deliver this message more clearly. The shot that follows, the birds flying away as if they had been disturbed, further helps deliver this message.

A few more shots of Hale County people living their lives follow before the shot of the man talking about what it would be like if the police didn’t have guns. The shots of normal life give the viewer time to register the military vehicles they just saw and show exactly what is being disrupted by them.


“Hale County This Morning, This Evening.”

“Hale County This Morning, This Evening.”

— Describe how/why the sequence works aesthetically and/or emotionally.

Here is the juxtaposition of past imaginations of the South with current environmental and life circumstances.

Prior to the Antebellum house, you see the present day landscape of Hale County.

The archival footage of Bert Williams draws attention to the history of black representation in cinema, a contrast to blackness Ross presented to the audience.

Then, there is a person burning tires behind the house. Here too, you hear Ross’s voice talking to a person in a way that shows the subjective perspective the audience is experiencing. He talks about capturing the unexpected view of the smoke & the sun peaking through the trees.

— What meanings or feelings come out of this style that breaks rather than connects fragments (shots) of time and space?

The overall movie unfolded, a day in the life of two black young men, fragmentary moments of everyday life, both momentous and mundane.

Time seem to move slow, by the visuals of the simple pleasures, activities in the streets, whether riding a bike/horse, showing the few life routines of raising children. The night sky, stars, morning sunrise, passing of the clouds, all signs of days passing, without drama, per se.

At times I felt like I was sitting on the couch, hanging out with a family or casually talking about a typical day at work. The captured moments were random and the brief interviews seemed spontaneous and natural, talks about dreams, going to college and seeing the work of playing sports.

Wk 5 Blog Post- Montage

Montage is a very different take on cinema then a continuous editing style. I found it to be rather hard to understand at first after putting so much attention on a continuous style. However, after watching the Hale County This Morning, This Evening I can see that this style is able to translate a lot of emotion. Thinking about it now a lot of documentaries follow this style as different discontinuous shots are compiled that link together to build a greater picture. 

From Ross RaMell’s film an array of “random” shots piled together create an emotional film style. Following a community of people in Alabama the clips show off the life of these folks. We learned their names, where they worked, and were taken into the emotional, ambitious aspects of their life. Among the many sequences/scenes of montage I found this one to be really neat. 

This sequence first showed a simple shadow of someone on the ground, the scene was long enough to understand some action going on. The following scene cuts to a baseball game. Watching the shadow on the ground you start to wonder what is it their doing, what does their motion represent. The shot following presents a possible explanation but is it really a baseball player’s shadow we are watching? Or something completely different. The discontinuous edit and film seem to link and produce an emotional curiosity as to who the person and action is along with creating an emotion of attentiveness in the viewer.