Time Assignment

For the first Loop I wanted to play with time a little bit and show one character moving through time in a different way to everyone else. In my second loop I wanted to present the idea of an infinitely revolving Dreidel.  I felt that it would be a fun loop to make. You would not believe how long it took to film this.  We were shuffling those cards for…

September 22, 2017

Blog #3 – Cinema in the Digital Age & Run Lola Run

The movie, Run Lola Run, directed by Tom Tykwer, uses a nonlinear type of editing style in order to help convey each scenario that could possibly happen to Lola as she tries to secure $10,000 in order to save her boyfriend’s life from the mob that he is working for. Rather than many movies that follow one timeline to point A to point B, this movie focuses on an intro,…

September 20, 2017