Interactive Cinema

“The Database” by Lev Manovich explains the form of new media. CD-ROM’s are storage media and are the most obvious examples of popular multimedia encyclopedia, collections by definition (219) CD’s are a collection of recipes, quotations, photographs and so much more. HTML, a website, is a sequential list of separate elements; text blocks, images, video clips, and links to so many different web pages. You can upload files and links to any website. Websites are medium due to…

October 26, 2017

The Reaction Vr. 2 – Hybrid Cinema

Last semester, I created a video interactive game that could be played on YouTube for my digital storytelling class. Ever since I had made it though, I felt like I could do more with the footage and wanted to redo it completely. Multiple stories are played throughout the video as the main character goes through her home and makes some rather…bad decision on how to handle her stress. This video almost became…

October 10, 2017

(Stipan) McCloud’s Time Frame Post

Throughout the comic (Understanding Comics), Scott McCloud describes the “infinitely weird” time frame within comics. This is due to how the usage of words in a frame can change the impact of the frame. “From a lifetime of conversations, we can be sure that a “pause” panel like this lasts for no more than several seconds.”(pg. 100) This meaning that whenever a panel is just a scene with no dialogue,…

September 11, 2017

McCloud’s Time Frames Post-Blog 2

In Scott McCloud’s comic, “Understanding Comics,” he describes the general idea of how time in comics are “infinitely weirder” due to how spaces and words are portrayed in a certain scene (McCloud). Whether this scene is a single image that “set[s] the mood or a sense of place for whole scenes through their lingering timeless presences” to the spacing of a certain image to depict a pause between two characters,…

September 10, 2017

Who Dunnit? – Fun Gone Too Far

For this Who Dunnit video, the culprit almost seems obvious as she is the only one in the scene, however that isn’t the case. I wanted to create a scene of an incident where someone destroyed an object, yet when I got home, I came back to this room just covered in stuffing with the guts of a stuffed animal in the middle of it. While I know who had…

September 6, 2017