Pixel Cinema – Elaina Sundwall

“Cinema can no longer be clearly distinguished from animation. It is no longer an indexical media technology but, rather, a sub-genre of painting.” – Lev Manovich Films like Avatar, the Avengers, and Star Wars show that popular cinema is moving away from depending on live action footage. Most big box office films today will include major CGI, creating movies that could not stand alone without their special effects. Many, like…

June 4, 2019

Spatial Montage – Jarid Schoenein

Spatial montage has always been an editing technique and form of aesthetic expression that has interested me in regards to cinema. While analyzing a work that incorporates the use of spatial montage, the viewer is presented with two or more different shots on the screen that relate to one another to form either a narrative, express an idea, or provoke an emotional response (potentially even all three). Additionally, another aspect…

May 23, 2019


Soviet Montage Kuleshov Effect Dziga Vertov– Man with a Movie Camera In this sequence of Man with a Movie Camera, the impression of  busy city life is conveyed through fast montage of varying discontinuous shots. Five Methods of Montage Sergei Eisenstein‘s methods of montage 1. Metric  where the editing follows a specific number of frames (based purely on the physical nature of time), cutting to the next shot no matter what is…

May 9, 2016