Post-Continuity Editing

Some of the cinema and narrative techniques used in Run Lola Run including montage, split screens, animation, and loops. The use of montage can be seen in scenes of Lola running from place to place, and within this montage there are also montages centered on the people she runs into. This montage within a montage helps communicate the idea of the timeline changing, and these time shifts show how each person’s lives…

October 9, 2018

Spatial Montage

  The spatial montage project was easily the most difficult project for me to film in this course so far as I really struggled to figure out a subject matter that could incorporate more than one frame. After mulling over various possibilities I finally came up with the idea of having the spatial montage depict more of a hypothetical space rather than an actual quantifiable space. Essentially I wanted to…

October 3, 2018

Spatial Montage – Paranormal Activity

  For my spatial montage, I took inspiration from the movie Paranormal Activity. While I didn’t add any extra effects to give it a “night vision” or webcam type of feeling, I wanted to position the still shots as though they were somewhat like security cameras (similar to the movie). Throughout the montage, there are some subtle (and blatant) disturbances that indicate the presence of a ghost in the house. Though…

October 2, 2018

Taylor Jones – Spatial Montage

  Each of the four videos is a different landscape. Top left is a glacial waterfall in Alaska, top right, sand dunes in Utah, bottom left, the ocean off the coast of Alaska, and the bottom right is a mountains in Austria. All are montage edits of raw video and I varied which clip’s audio is playing throughout. Overall I wanted it to feel a bit like chaotic but fun…

September 28, 2018


View/Discuss Loop Assignments Run Lola Run Observe framing  and continuity editing in this scene, how tension builds with match on action and with POV shots, and then how time expands with the cross-cutting of the roulette sequence. Above are two examples of the still “montages” of these characters’ possible futures. If you slow down the frame rate in youtube settings, you can see how it is actually continuity editing that…

May 9, 2016