Patriot Guard Riders – Final Project

For my final, I interviewed my father about his role with the Patriot Guard Riders. Originally, he thought it would be best to interview the district captain in southwest Washington. Since I had already done that for the interview project, my dad agreed to be interviewed as well. Some of the footage I acquired in addition to the original footage was from a mission to honor 32 vets who passed…

December 14, 2017

Montage Assignment

This is my montage my assignment.  I kept it at exactly 60 seconds, and I added the audio that I recorded myself because the piano without any sound would look really weird.  Fun fact: I actually recorded him performing the same piece in entirety about five times.

September 29, 2017

Spatial Montage – The Backyard

For this assignment, I wanted to focus on the spatial montage in order to capture the beauty of the backyard that my mom has put some much time into. She has many birdfeeders for various kinds of birds and treats for the squirrels right behind my house so I always get to see them come by, yet sadly I couldn’t get any squirrels in my shots because my dogs would…

September 26, 2017


View/Discuss Loops and Continuity Assignments Run Lola Run Classical and Digital Cinema Styles Classical = linear cause and effect , illusion of 3D space, material invisible (theater) Digital = nonlinearity, repetition (loop), manipulation of time and space, materiality foregrounded (device screen) Information space (Interface) and Narrative Space (Immersive world) Review: Building blocks of cinematic storytelling…  or ways to hold attention: Frame > Shot > Scene > Sequence Framing: distance from subject,…

May 9, 2016