Manipulating Time

In “Time Frames,” Scott McCloud points out that in comics, “time can be controlled through the content of panels, the number of panels, and closure between panels” and that “the panel shape can actually make a difference in our perception of time. This reminds me of the different ways time can be manipulated in digital cinema. Often, movies will show events that happen over a large amount of time, whether…

September 9, 2018

Time Frames

View Continuity assignments… Spatial relations between shots, movement in space… Time, narrative and editing… “Montage Sequence” (summary of events, passage of time) – screen time <= story time continuous time – screen time <= story time compressed time –  screen time < story time and repetition  continuous – long takes, screen time = story time continuous – slow motion, expanded time, screen time > story time Review: Building blocks of cinematic storytelling…  or ways to hold…

May 17, 2016