Final Project (With Artist’s Statement and Final Tweaks)

  Artist’s Statement:   I originally wanted to make a fictional video for my final project, but I had trouble thinking of a concrete idea for it. I thought back to my previous video essay assignment about the importance of time. I really liked the subject, so I decided to create a new video essay about time. After doing some studying on concepts related to time, I came across chronoception,…

December 10, 2019

Video Essay – Blog Post

I think the use of language with images is a very powerful tool for filmmakers. The end product from this combination is much more interesting and thought-provoking than it would be with just the use of language or images alone. ┬áImages are a universal language, people from around the world all understand what is being shown. However, the addition of words and language essentially enhances what is being shown by…

October 29, 2019

Language with Image: Video Essays

I think that combining video with voiceover, text, graphics, and sound effects can make for an overall powerful video essay. In traditional essays, you’re confined to (at the very most) text with some supporting graphics–and sometimes not even those graphics. Tone can become lost, as can the concepts of motion and sound. Not only do video essays offer a more holistic approach to the study of a subject, but they…

October 26, 2019