Restorations & Reconstructions

For the last seven years the lab has rebooted numerous work of born-digital media by documenting them via Grigar and Moulthrop’s Pathfinders methodology, which has culminated in a series of electronic open-source books entitled Rebooting Electronic Literature, and by conserving them through various restoration and reconstruction initiatives. The former, documentation, involves no direct intervention into a work, but […]

Reconstruction of Sarah Smith’s “King of Space”

The Electronic Literature Lab and the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program are proud to announce the launch of the reconstruction of Sarah Smith’s King of Space. In production since January 12, 2022, the work is now widely accessible via the Web at Reconstruction was undertaken by 23 spring graduates of the program who […]

Collection Selected for the Recovery Hub of American Women Writers

The Marjorie C. Luesebrink Collection that the lab developed and curated for ELO’s The NEXT was selected for inclusion in the July 2022 showcase of the “Recovery Hub of American Women Writers.” The Collection––consisting of 66 works the artists donated to The NEXT, 32 of which were created by the artist and preserved in various methods by the […]

Welcome Erika Fulop to ELL!

Erika Fulop, a Senior Lecturer in French at Lancaster University (UK), is a Hungarian scholar whose research focuses on “the impact of digitization and the internet on culture . . . and the modern and contemporary novel, especially metafiction and self-reflexive phenomena.” She is also a specialist in French e-lit and is working in the […]

Victory Garden, Version 5.0

“Experiencing the Garden, Again” By Dene Grigar     Since January 2022 the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL) has been busy doing many reconstruction projects aimed at preserving early interactive media. One of them is Stuart Moulthrop’s hypertext novel Victory Garden, published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. in 1991. Over its 30 year history the work has […]

Congratulations, Dr. Snyder!

We are very excited to announce that Richard Snyder, our Assistant Director and Metadata Specialist, successfully defended his dissertation yesterday (March 10) and so completed his PhD at Washington State University. His dissertation, “Word and Image in Early Modern Literature: A Digital Approach to Reading in Context,” is a hybrid one where he built a […]

Guiding Principles for The NEXT

The Guiding Principles for The NEXT by Dene Grigar One of the lab’s main activities has been creating and managing the Electronic Literature Organization’s The NEXT. Two of the The NEXT’s founders are ELL staff members, and all of the production has been done by the lab’s  faculty, staff, and students.  The evolution of The […]

ELL Wins the 2022 Open Scholarship Award

The lab received the 2022 Open Scholarship Award from the Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI) for its work on ELO’s The NEXT (See The award is given to projects that address “open access, open data, open education, and other related movements that have the potential to make scholarly work more efficient, more accessible, and more […]

Follow the Pathfinders

We were excited to see Hannah Ackermans’s essay published in Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures  (Volume 24, 2021, doi:10.20415/hyp/024.e01). Below is the abstract of her essay. One of the most fascinating aspects about it is that she uses the Pathfinders methodology in its presentation, down to the exact publishing platform, Scalar, that Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop […]

2021 Accomplishments & 2022 Plans

The year 2021 was yet another banner year for the Electronic Literature Lab. Working remotely during the pandemic via Slack, Basecamp, and Zoom, the ELL Team undertook and completed many projects. Here is the list: Led the creation of The NEXT, moving from the prototype built on the Samvera platform into Semantic Markup and ARIA, […]