Coming in March!



Video Game Exhibition at Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge
March 6-28, 2015
Opening Night Reception: Friday, March 6

A month-long exhibit that explores some of the technological innovations that have occurred in the 40-year development of video games––starting with the first commercially successful game, Pong, to the emergence of 3D game environments like Oculus Rift––and have impacted business, education, health, and communication.

Curator: Dr. Dene Grigar
Assistant Curator: Kate Palermini

Curatorial Committee: Alyssa Korinke, Promotions
Amalia Vacca, Outreach
Madeleine Brookman
Alan McGinnis
Connor Goglin
Suhaily Guevara
Greg Philbrook, Tech Support

Advisory Committee:
Dene Grigar, WSUV
Mike Bomar, CREDC
Max Ault, CREDC
Eric Preisz, GarageGames
Sandra Towne, Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ)


The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, Washington State University Vancouver, The Columbia River Economic Development Council, Innovation Partnership Zone, GarageGames