Benjamin Woodruff

A passionate Web Designer skilled in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery (mostly for UI animations). Also able to customize WordPress sites, optimize for users and search engines (SEO), and upgrade product pages with metadata for more appealing search engine results.

Unfolding AR Game Website
Design with WordPress

An advanced WordPress-based website 🗗 created on the Jupiter6 theme by the Senior Seminar class of the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program here at WSUV for The Historic Trust 🗗. The website features content with a historic focus that highlights the amazing growth and development of Vancouver, WA in relation to the AR game we also created for them.

Prodigimedia: Professional
Digital Media Blog

A WordPress website created to host my blog articles for a web content creation class, which were useful in helping me develop my skills as a Web Specialist.

Accessibility Website Development

A multimedia demonstration of designing for people with cognitive disabilities while making use of Web Design and Development best practices through JavaScript programming and CSS Variables.

Panoramic Travel Log

A responsive, Google Street View API integrated web application that showcases some of my world travels and major life events.