For advanced inquiry into born-digital media

Founded and directed by Dr. Dene Grigar, the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL) contains over 80 vintage Macintosh & PC computers, dating back from 1977, vintage software, peripherals, and a library of over 300 works of electronic literature and other media. ELL's activities focus on curation, documentation, preservation, conservation, and production of born-digital art, literature, and video games. It has created and continues to manage the ELO's The NEXT and supports video game R&D through CMDC Studios.


Our story

ELL has been founded for the purpose of studying the curation, preservation, and production of born digital literary works and other media that are participatory, interactive, and experiential. At the heart of what we do is care for the digital objects that reflect human expression and creativity, ensuring that they remain accessible to the public and sustainable over time.

What's new in ELL

Book Launch for The Challenges of Born-Digital Fiction

On March 22, 2024 at 8 a.m. PDT the lab will host a book launch for Dene Grigar and Mariusz Pisarski's The Challenges of Born-Digital Fiction, published by Cambridge University Press. Particpants include editor Gabriel Hankins and artists Michael Joyce, Judy Malloy, and Stuart Moulthrop.

Announcement card for the book launch

Our Research

Our work ranges from innovations to archival practices, experimenting with publishing methodologies, and rethinking preservation techniques. Our research output includes traditional publications like books and articles but also exhibition curation, museum design, and translation media.

A photo of Anna Nacher performing a Traversal
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Our Team

The lab's many talented designers, programmers, 2D animators and 3D modelers, videographers, and social media specialists are all alums from Creative Media & Digital Culture at Washington State University Vancouver. Many begin their careers as paid interns in the lab and stay on to take up leadership roles after they graduate with their B.A. Some take the skills they learn and land excellent jobs in industry.