digital future_background

DTC 375 “Language, Texts, and Technology” is a required course for all DTC majors and minors and counts as a Humanities [H] and a Multicultural [M] course for non-majors wishing to fulfill these requirements.  It explores “the relationship between technology and communication; writing [re: authoring] practices from a historical point of view” (“WSU Catalog”).

Because, it is understood that these three concepts refer to computer language, computer-based texts, and computer technology, you will learn about the history of computing and the impact of computers upon culture, specifically upon thinking, learning and daily life.  During the semester students in the course will produce their own texts––a WordPress site, a multimedia book, and a Prezi presentation––where they will display and archive their work.

The course features Cathy Davidson’s book, Now You See It.  The CMDC and WSUV, along with the City of Vancouver, The Fort Vancouver Public Library, Clark College, and other organizations, are involved in #nextchapter, a city wide reading and discussion initiative introduced last year.  In 2013 we brought Douglas Rushkoff to the area to speak in April; this year we are bringing Davidson to speak on Friday, May 9 & 10th.  Seniors in DTC 497 “Senior Seminar” are working with the Co-Chairs Jack Burkman and me to develop the activities surrounding the project. Students in DTC 375 will also meet and talk with her about the book and her ideas.