dtc collageHere are some additional resources for you to consult and use during the semester.

N. Katherine Hayles.  “Print Is Flat, Code Is Deep.”  This article provides a good explanation of the notion of electronic textuality that she later addresses in fuller detail in her book, Writing Machines.  The Mediums Chart we are using in this course is derived from both this article and the book.

John F. Barber.  Review of Computing, by Paul Ceruzzi.  This is a book review, written by Dr. John Barber and published at Leonardo Reviews, for Ceruzzi’s Computing.  It provides a good synopsis of the book and provides an example of evaluative writing.

Jennifer Hansen, Will Luers, Setareh Alizadeh, & Dene Grigar.  Program or Be Programmed Study Guide.  This document was created in spring 2013 as part of the #nextchapter project to accompany Douglas Rushkoff’s book, Program or Be Programmed.  It was used by people in the community for study groups and individual explorations.

Thomas Winningham.  10 Print Video.  This is one of many videos uploaded by fans of  10 Print.  It gives you an idea of what your interaction with the code in the Vise emulator will do.

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