The WSU catalog describes DTC/AMST/ENGL 475 as “the cultural impact of electronic media, especially the World Wide Web; issues of race, class, gender, and sexually online.” I will be expanding this vision to include other socio-cultural markers such as age, disabilities, and others pertinent to this line of inquiry. It should also be noted that this course is a required Core course for all DTC majors in The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, so it represents crucial information for those students.

Contact Information
Dr. Dene Grigar, Professor
Office Location: The Digs (VMMC Ground Floor, no room number), 360-546-9487
Office Hours: MW 11-12 noon p.m., & by appt.
Course Day & Time: MW 12:10-1:00 p.m.
Course Location: VLIB 265

Course Materials
Replay, by Tristan Donovan
Readings for Diversity and Social Justice, by Maurinanne Adams et al


1. Independent Research: 250 words or less intended to provoke investigation of a particular topic. (10 total)

Friday, August 26 #1: Class and Game Culture
Friday, September 2 #2: Videos Games and Oppression
Friday, September 9 #3: Violence toward Women in Video Games
Friday, September 16 #4: Principles of Instructional Design & Higher Ed
Friday, September 23 #5: Video Games and Ethics
Friday, September 30 #6: Use of Indian Names for Sports Teams
Friday, October 7 #7: Diversity in the Historical Account of Games
Friday, October 14 #8: Rape in Cyberspace
Friday, October 21 #9: Body Perceptions
Friday, October 28 #10: Students’ Choice of topic

2. Prototype or Game Due: December 9

3. Final Paper Due: Final Exam day and time


Work will be assessed for its professional quality. Other factors include being turned in on time, uniqueness, and, of course, content. Components that will be assessed are:

Independent Research: 25%
Prototype or Game: 25%
Final Paper: 25%
Attendance and Class Participation: 25%
Items turned in late will be penalized a letter grade per day (not class day but each day) late. Final grades will be calculated in this way:

94-100: A
90-93: A-
84-89: B
80-83: B-
74-79: C
70-73: C-
>69: F

Attendance Policy

This is a hybrid course that meets two days face to face and has one day set aside for independent research. You should plan to attend all classes that are scheduled to meet and stay abreast of the work to be completed independently. Excused absences follow within the guidelines of the university. Absences due to a vacation, wedding, a family reunion, and a special work “gig” do not count as excused absences. You will see your grade drop one letter grade per three classes missed. If you miss more than three weeks in a row, for any reason, you will be asked to withdraw from the course and retake it when you are better able to participate.

University Policies

  1. Academic Integrity: Academic integrity is the cornerstone of the university and will be strongly enforced in this course. Any student found in violation of the academic integrity policy will be given an “F” for the course and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. For additional information about WSU’s Academic Integrity policy/procedures please contact (360) 546-9573.
  1. Disability Accommodations: Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please contact the Access Center at 360-546-9238 or (link sends e-mail). The Access Center is located in the Classroom Building (VCLS) room 160. Accommodations may take some time to implement so it is critical that you contact the Access Center as soon as possible.
  1. Emergency Notification System: WSU has made an emergency notification system available for faculty, students, and staff. Please register at MyWSU with emergency contact information (cell, email, text, etc.). You may have been prompted to complete emergency contact information when registering for classes at RONet. In the event of a building evacuation, a map at each classroom entrance shows the evacuation point for each building. Please refer to it. Finally, in case of class cancellation campus-wide, please check local media, the WSU Vancouver web page and/or is external). Individual class cancellations may be made at the discretion of the instructor. Each individual is expected to make the best decision for their personal circumstances, taking safety into account. Consult the Safety Plan at:
  1. Important Dates and Deadlines: Students are encouraged to refer to the academic calendar often to be aware of critical deadlines throughout the semester.  The academic calendar can be found at  Questions regarding the academic calendar can be directed to the Office of Student Affairs in VSSC 100 or call 360-546-9559.