Who thinks kidnapping your wife and embezzling the money is a good idea? Well Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo is a classic depiction of a greek tragedy. There are a lot of moments that spark conflict in which prompts the plot to move forward and proceed to keep getting worse and worse. The film starts with Jerry and the two criminals meeting in a bar to discuss the plan that they were about to carry out. This conversation shows that no one really knows what they are doing and heavily hints at how awful the plan will be carried out. The plan turns out to work at the start but then is turned around by the shooting of a police officer. This sets in motion the tragedy that would befall Jerry and almost everybody in the story. Aristotle explanation of tragedy is apparent in Fargo and it has the main three story beats. The first act sets up the story and gives the setting and the introduction to the main characters. The next act starts when the officer is shot and when the whole plan goes downhill. The film switches between Jerry and Marge, a police chief investigating the murders. It shows both of their efforts to try and get to a solution. The last act is finally the resolution of everything. Pretty much everyone gets killed or arrested and the only good part about the ending is that Marge finally arrests the “bad guy”. Overall this movie is a total tragedy and all the events spiral down to a unsatisfactory ending.

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