Final Project

Bed Bugs

This story was fun to experiment with this semester. Working and reworking the ideas through different mediums and methods of storytelling was an interesting challenge. This final project incorporates some of my favorite ideas we covered in class, from typographic techniques like alignment and negative space, to visual techniques like McCloud’s transitions and cinematographic continuity. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I hand-coded this short hypertext story. There are two possible endings, depending on how you have the father respond to Sammy’s nightmares. If the father dismisses his son’s fears, he learns that perhaps there is more to fear in the dark than he thought. If he is supportive through his son’s struggles, together they find the light in the darkness.

Final Project- Grieving Game

Grieving Game is about a young, autistic boy who is very focused on his video games. They are the one thing he connects most with in the world and, after the death of his father, he is even more immersed in them, protesting and diversion of his attention. In this story, his mother is trying to get him to talk with her and grieve, slowly luring him away from the world of his game.

I had a great time making this and I hope you all enjoy it! I plan on improving it for a learning experience if anything so feedback is more than welcome. Have an amazing summer. I had a great term with all of you and you all worked so hard to make such amazing pieces!

Grieving Game

Final Project

This story tells of a girl at home, alone but not really alone because of the links technology allows her to make with others, by phone, by text messages, and over the internet on a computer or other device. She confidently immerses herself in her various windows into the world until suddenly technology fails in the face of severe weather. I experienced a terrible storm in Spokane a couple of years ago, where the power went out and even our cell phones lost all signal for several hours. The wind storm there was so loud and overwhelming that it basically left us completely isolated. While we were fortunate enough to get our power back fairly quickly, others were left without power and in many cases, without shelter, for days and even weeks. In my story, the girl turns inward during the brief power outage and finds courage and strength and confidence to leave her online windows and turns to human companionship, even when faced with the possibility of returning to the comfort of the various online conversations.

This is my first starting from scratch html project, and it has a few glitches, but for the most part it conveys my vision fairly well. I chose to include some extra videos of dramatic storms to tell part of the story. You are meant to pretend that when Taryn looks out the window, she sees the storm – not a Youtube video of a storm – and when you get to the next video you are to imagine that she is seeing the previous storms in her imagination, all the while hearing the wind and rain and thunder and sirens of the current storm.


Final Blogpost

River Spirit is story where a Kappa, a Japanese mythological creature, goes on a journey to find out what a mysterious word is. I was inspired with some pop-cultural ideas that mythical or deity like entities view the world from an otherworldly perspective, seeing the meaning or true names of things. It is in similar vein to the behavior of gods in the Shinto religion where a deep connection to nature that surpasses human senses is showcased as a divine quality. With that in mind, please enjoy the project and explore the world through meaning rather than eyes.


Note that you may need to expand your window screen if you can not see the full height of the picture.

Final Project Statement and Sample

My final project has really evolved since it first began in our Written Narrative.  It started out as just a gathering of speech bubbles, but I gradually narrowed it down through the Visual Narrative and Hypermedia Project into this final piece. I wanted the viewer to be able to piece the story together themselves. So, through clicking and hovering, the story slowly unfolds. The reader still has to fill in the gaps a bit, which was my favorite part of the other narratives we explored in class. It all wraps up when the viewer clicks the final item on the screen.

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Final Project

While creating this project I had to think about how to approach it. This image still haunts me but I need to conquer obstacles like this one that has become a part of my life that will never leave. That being said, I have spent many hours in therapy Counseling for PTSD  at the Vancouver Veterans hospital. though this incident happened over a decade ago, it was not until a couple years ago that I could even talk about anything that I went through as an infantryman. I have many things like this that happened to me in my 14 months I spent in Baghdad but I am working to not let them control or define who I am anymore. I hope this project can give you all a little insight as to what we forward ground troops went through in Iraq.

Thank You,

Joshua Jackson


Basic stories are the very core of the plot, so they engage our participation by drawing us in with simplicity. Each plot point leads to another and draws us in further and further. It’s a widely used concept in marketing today. For example, on shows that stream on networks like Netflix, they give you an entire season at once, so you can watch and absorb it all as fast as possible. However, you are then left with a cliffhanger that leaves you wondering what comes next. Seasons can take up to a year or more to produce, so the viewer is often left wondering about the plot for a very long time, inducing a sense of obsession and immersion into the story the moment that they can fall back into it all over again. The cycle continues, and both the streaming service as well as the television show itself not only gain publicity (as many viewers discuss the plot points in the absence of the new season), but also returning business throughout an extended period of time.

This sense of immersion within a developing plot gave me new ideas for my hypermedia and final project. We have all been caught in the “rabbit hole” of click bait or online information before, where we keep getting drawn in to something new and find it hard to stop. I want the user on my webpage to feel engaged with the story, to investigate it themselves and eagerly click on the next piece. If I gave them the entire plot at once, it would be nowhere near as effective as the format that I currently use. Each time they scroll or click, they gather something that puts the information together, like a puzzle, within their own mind. It utilizes the basic plot structure in a different way.

Hypermedia / Final project proof of concept

My project so far!

My approach ended up being more code involved than I anticipated, so there isn’t as much done as I’d like, but this starts to give you the idea. This is a combination of my first two projects, with a choose your own adventure element thrown in. The reader clicks on a panel to see what’s happening in each room, and the story unfolds from there. The reader can also determine how the father responds to Sammy, and depending on the results, will give you either the original ending or a happy ending.