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Playdate , short story about two best friends, Burrito and Skittles.

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Final Project Twine Story

Evesoul Journal is one of the stories I have been working on for a while, so I decided to try and depict it in a slightly more creative way. It is a game-like story using Twine, created with a slightly interactive experience for the beginning of Evesoul using links both hidden and visible. Evesoul’s is a story about a girl, whose sister has been missing for a year now. Following the notes in her sister’s journal, she begins her quest in a mystical world to find where her sister had gone. Besides all of the written story within this, I also drew sprites of the main character, Ellenar. So the reader can get a better feeling and connection to her, as she is the anchor for the reader to this world. This story gives you the beginning of a possible endless story, it is just the beginning, but a beginning can feel like a story itself.

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April 11

My final project will be a Twine interactive story game. It is a rewrite of one of my old stories, Evesoul Journal. 

In this story you will follow a teen girl named Ellenar. The driving point of the story is the fact that her sister has been missing for a year, but her sister used to tell her about another dimension and left her journal of notes and research of this world at home before disappearing. Using this journal, Ellenar manages to enter into the mystical world, and begins her quest to find her sister. 

The story will be very word driven but will have color indications on characters and surroundings. There will be sprites of Ellenar to better indicate the mood of the character and a feeling for her as you progress through the story. There will be chances to interact with things in order to give the reader a feeling of choice as well as collection of information. There will occasionally be secret links. 

I hope this project turns out at least half as good as I would like it to, and in the future, I can use it as reference and connection should I ever have the ability to officially make Evesoul Journal into a comic or such.

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Feb 7

I like to approach making comics from a “basic till dramatic view” where most frames can be simple rows of square frames, till something dramatic happens. The dramatic thing could be any variety as well, from an epic fight scene, to a death scene, to a surprise, anything that isn’t a “regular” situation for the comic. Like during a conversation, characters might just get sequential boxes with different camera angle views as the conversation goes on, until something “dramatic” happens, so the boxes can become bigger, misshapen, even broken sometimes depending on what is happening. One of my favorite versions of this is when a new character is introduced, they themselves can look as if they are standing in front of the panel, rather than in it. Their hair or clothes could be crossing over the frame walls of the panel, making it as if they are more important than anything else on that page. 

That is the kind of comic design I would like to go for.

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Video Game Blog

Undertale is a highly praised story and strategy game. You play as a genderless child who has fallen into a place called The Underground, where the humans banished the monsters. It is a choose your own adventure game as your actions are taken into account throughout the whole game. You are given a choice, to kill anyone who crosses your path, or befriend them. These are called the Genocide and Pacifist route, anyone who does a mix or incomplete version of these rought is on a newtrule rought. Your character is the most important character of this story, because depending on the route you take, you are either the savior of the underground, or the killer of it. 

Story and lore are given to you gradually throughout the game. The excuse of puzzles are even enforced sometimes, as there are monsters trying to trap and kill you, since you are a human. 

If you go the more popular route of the pacifist route. Your job is to befriend every monster in the underground, no matter how much they try to kill you. Your reward for befriending every single monster, is freedom from the underground, with new family and friends to live on the surface with. This route requires more patience, persistence and care.

The more difficult route is the genocide route. Where your goal is set on killing every last monster in the entire underground, until there is nothing but dust. Your reward for your mass genasis, is the ghost of a former human child who was down here, haunting you and setting out to destroy your world and all others. This route contains much more fighting skill and extreme patience, in order to make sure you have killed everyone. 

This bullet hell, choose your own adventure RPG is loved for its story and the connection you gain to the characters within it.

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Fargo Blog

Everything starts with Jerry needing money, but as he shows throughout the movie that he does not plan or think many things fully through. Therefore, his plan to get a lot of money fast, is to get his wife kidnapped, and have demands for her rich father to pay for her return. 

Jerry is shown as a nervous, none emotionally attuned man who put himself before everyone else whether intentional or not. His lack of connection is shown through more than just him freaking out over things not going his way. When his son is terrified about his moms disappearance, he gives his son no sympathy.

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5 Story Summaries

The characters in these story summaries are from a story I have worked on for a while. Most of the stories written for these prompts can be versions of pieces of that story idea. 


  1. A group goes seeking a dragon to help them fix a fight between two wealthy families with ancient history within them. The search for the home of the area’s dragon guardian. They set out to travel to the mountain top at which the dragon rests. 

They arrive at the dragon’s sanctum and find him. As they explain why they need him, he refuses to participate. After some conflict, they find out it is because he is a lesser dragon, with not much power over the elements. They do not stop trying until he begrudgingly agrees. 

The group returns him to a courtyard at which the families agreed to gather. The families were astounded children of their own could gather together and actually bring a dragon to the meeting. Out of respect for the dragon’s statements and the group’s strength together, the two families agree upon peace between them. 


  1. A girl named Tarisa wakes up in bed. She gets up and starts getting ready for her day. Tarisa packs her backpack and goes downstairs.  

She grabs some food off the table as she says goodbye to her family. Tarisa rushes out the door to board the bus. 

She climbs onto the bus and takes an empty seat, excited to go to school. As the bus drives, it is stopped. The bridge the buses usual route takes is under construction. It takes longer than normal to reach the city and get to the school. She is worried she will have missed her friends. 

As the bus arrives at school Tarisa quickly gets off. Her friends had been waiting for the late bus. They all had a little time left to talk before classes began. 


  1. A girl named Nadia is with her friends Tarisa, Gufera, and Danny, exploring the woods. They had heard rumors from freshmen at their school that an old, ruined building around here was haunted. When they finally found the rubble, it was clear looking through it would not be quick. It was the ruins of an old soul-science lab that burnt down. They decided to split up. Against Danny’s suggestion, Gufera teamed with Tarisa to scope the outside, well Nadia took Danny to look around the inside. 

Tarisa and Gufera rummaged through some piles of debri outside. 

“You’d think if a ghost was here, we would have visited during the night.” Gufera mumbled as she threw a rock out of her way. 

“You know I’m not allowed out at night- and it would be more scary.” Tarisa exclaimed with a shutter as she looked over at what stood left of the building, knowing her friends were inside. 

“You have me here. So you’ll be safe.” Gufera stated as she sat down for a break. 

Nadia and Danny quietly walk down a hall coated with decay and abandonment. Stone and metal surrounding their path. 

“It’s um… really quiet here. I don’t even hear little creatures…” Nadia stammered as she stepped over old wires on a cracked stone floor. Danny just gave a nervous smile as he pushed a fallen piece of a pillar off of the path. Suddenly, a screech of metal screamed through the hall. Quick to stop after a few seconds. “Did you hear that!?” Nadia squealed, Danny quickly raising a finger to his mouth as he shushes her with his eyes widened in concern. 

“I heard something… I heard words… words like mine…” My voice echoes from my mouth. It has been so long since I heard words this loud and clear. I try to move, like I try every day, but my body just scratches against the fallen roof that restrains me. I hear steps now. They grow in volume, slowly but surely. I must try to move again. My body scratches and slams against the debri, I hear a gasp nearby. “Hello.” I speak, maybe it is a person, maybe they will speak back.

“Oh my gosh! Someone’s in the rubble! Danny, help me!” I hear, there are people, and they’re speaking back. I feel a shift in the weight above me, the ceiling is moving, are they moving it? 

Nadia is frantically trying to pull away small rocks well Danny takes care of the bigger ones. Someone is trapped! She wonders for how long, and if they need medical help. As Nadia pulls back a slab, she notices a claw, except it’s made of metal. She touches it, and it twitches in reaction. From where it lays, she begins to dig above it where she assumes a face would be. After a few layers, she meets with a face, with skin of metal, dented, yet eyes glowing and alive look back. 


  1. Anjie is a girl whose sister has been missing for a year now. She is bullied for having her strange older sister gone missing. She follows the notes and riddles in her sister’s special journal that contained fantasy stories and such. She eventually finds a shed in the woods behind her house from the journal’s clues, and follows a spell recipe to unknowingly create a portal. Anjie is teleported into another realm, and is now on a quest to find her sister in this different world. She is accompanied by a guardian bestowed upon her by a god-like creature that had met her sister before. 


  1.  A girl who goes through a regular day like any other, but she is plagued with monsters only she can see. Being tormented and plagued with nightmares just out of her reach. Anxiety constantly spiking from feelings and hallucinations of monsters not really there. These monsters become real when the girl snaps from the pressure and fear. 

This theme is based off of the combination of the mental disorders of Maladaptive DayDreaming and Anxiety, causing hallucinations and nightmare-like daydreams throughout daily life.

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