5 Short Story Summary’s

Classic Aristotelian:

In a world where technology and body modification had fused together, a cat named Z prowled the dark alleyways of the city’s underbelly. Z was a highly skilled cyberpunk with a unique talent: offering illegal and highly demanded black market tattoos.

Act I: The Setup Z work was in high demand among the city’s criminal underworld, who valued his artistic skills and discretion. He was rumored to be able to create tattoos that could grant the wearer special abilities, making him the go-to artist for the city’s most dangerous gangs and underground organizations.

Act II: The Confrontation However, Z success had not gone unnoticed. The city’s authorities were determined to shut down his illegal operation and bring him to justice. They launched a full-scale investigation, using their advanced technology and resources to track down the elusive cat.

Act III: The Resolution Despite the odds against him, Z refused to back down. He continued to ply his trade, evading the authorities at every turn and becoming even more sought after in the black market. In the end, he emerged as a legend in the criminal underworld, his name synonymous with the art of cyberpunk tattooing.

As the city’s authorities continued to search for him, Z continued to operate in the shadows, offering his unique and highly sought after tattoos to those willing to pay the price. To this day, the rumors of his incredible skills and the incredible tattoos he creates persist, making Aristo one of the most elusive and enigmatic figures in the city’s criminal underworld.


Introduction: Tez, the notorious space cowboy, was known for his quick draw and sharpshooting skills. He took on any job that paid well, but his latest mission was different from anything he had faced before.

Development: Tez was hired to protect a remote mining colony from a group of vicious aliens. These aliens were massive and had tentacles for arms and glowing red eyes. Despite the odds against him, Tez was determined to protect the colonists.

Turn: The first attack was brutal, but Tez fought back with all his might. Just when it seemed like all was lost, he remembered a secret weapon he had acquired – an ancient artifact said to have the power to defeat any enemy. When he touched the artifact, a bright light surrounded him, and the aliens vanished.

Resolution: Tez knew that the aliens would return, but he was ready. Armed with the power of the artifact and his trusty gun, he set off into the stars to face whatever challenges lay ahead. He was a true hero of the stars, a space cowboy who would always be remembered for his bravery and skill.

Conclusion: Tez’s legend lived on as he continued to roam the galaxy, taking on any job that paid well and facing down any enemy that dared to stand in his way. He was a symbol of bravery and skill, a space cowboy who would always protect those in need, no matter the cost.


Kyle was unlike any other alien on his planet, for he had a deep love for skateboarding. He would spend hours each day practicing and perfecting his moves. However, his planet was made of a dense, gooey substance that made it impossible for him to skate.

One day, as he gazed upon the stars, he saw a bright light in the sky. It was a spaceship from Earth, and inside it was a human skateboarder. Kyle was overjoyed and quickly made friends with the skateboarder, who showed him the boards they used on Earth. The human gave Kyle one of the boards and a magical spray that would allow him to skate on his own planet.

Kyle was ecstatic and quickly set off to try out his new board. To his delight, it worked perfectly and he was able to skate as he had always dreamed. The other aliens on his planet were amazed at what they saw and many of them asked Kyle to teach them how to skate. He happily obliged and soon the entire planet was filled with aliens skateboarding in harmony.

Kyle was now the happiest alien in the universe, able to fulfill his dream of skateboarding and sharing his love for it with others. He continued to visit Earth and learn new tricks from the human skateboarder, who became his best friend. And so, Kyle lived happily ever after, skateboarding through the galaxies and spreading joy wherever he went.

Personal Anecdote:

I was feeling stuck in a never-ending routine and yearned for a change of scenery. While sitting at work I Googled, “where should I move?”, which took me to a Buzzfeed website that had a mini quiz called “Where you should move to”. After taking quiz my options were either Denver, Colorado or Portland, Oregon. Being that I’ve never been to Oregon and currently had family in Denver, I couldn’t decide. That’s when I decided to leave the decision to fate and flipped a coin. Heads was Denver and tails was Portland.

Immediately after flipping the coin, I talked to my boss and put my two week notice in, sold my second car along with most my belongings, and broke my lease in the apartment I was at. Two weeks later I packed up my belongings and hit the road. I didn’t have a plan for my move beside making it a road trip and figuring it out once I’m there kind of mindset. I didn’t have friends or family in Oregon but wanted an opportunity to finally find myself and feel alive. After spending another two weeks driving through the coast of HWY 101 from San Diego to Portland finally made it and with 500 bucks to my name. Moving from New Mexico to being in a place full of giant tree’s like I’d never seen in real life, I decided to “camp” around Washington and Oregon for a couple months where I was constantly on the move, never staying in one place for too long.

Eventually, I found a job in a Portland and decided to put down roots. I started attending Washington State University, where I met like-minded individuals and became deeply involved in the local community. I was finally living the life I had always dreamed of, surrounded by nature and a supportive network of friends.

Looking back, I can’t imagine my life having played out any differently. I’m grateful for that fateful coin flip that brought me to this beautiful state, and for the opportunities that have arisen as a result. It’s a reminder to trust the journey and to let go of control sometimes, because sometimes the unexpected path is the one that leads to the greatest adventures and the most fulfilling experiences.

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