5 Story Summaries


The story begins on a space station. A new experiment is about to begin, one that could change the course of human history. The experiment involves harnessing the power of a black hole to provide unlimited energy to Earth. As the experiment begins, something goes wrong and the station is thrown into chaos. The black hole’s gravitational pull becomes unstable, threatening to destroy the station and everyone on it.

They discover that the experiment has created a rip in the fabric of space-time, which is causing the instability. With time running out, the team must find a way to fix the rip and stabilize the black hole’s gravitational pull before it’s too late. They discover sabotage from a rival organization and that someone among them is not who they seem to be.

The team finally succeeds in stabilizing the black hole and fixing the rip, but at a great cost. One member sacrifices their life to save the rest, and the station is left severely damaged.

The team returns to Earth with new knowledge and a newfound appreciation for the dangers and responsibilities that come with harnessing the power of the universe. They vow to use their newfound knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

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A man wakes up and goes downstairs of his home, he is looking for breakfast but his refrigerator is empty. We follow him as he takes his fishing pole down to the ocean dock and begins fishing. A mermaid appears and asks him questions about the dry world. Cut to the fisherman eating a large cut of fish for dinner and being content with his catch.



  1. Takes place in a fantasy world beginning to experience industrial revolution, there are fantasy races and magic but humans and technology are beginning to supplant both. Esmund is a young paladin in training and has been sent to the city Norwood to get practical experience protecting people. He reports to the city magistrate, Fremont, an older man who oversees the city’s administration and whom is a veteran of an older war and is very protective of his people. Esmund is sent to investigate reports of a group of raiders gathering at a nearby abandoned quarry. He leaves the city and heads out, when night falls, he uses a small fire spell to light a fire and soon encounters a group of people who explain that they have heard of work being available at the quarry and that raider story was only rumor, Esmund decides that it is safest to accompany them to the quarry and survey the situation himself. When they get to the outskirts of the quarry many campsites can be seen but no mining is taking place, as Esmund turns to warn the group he is knocked unconscious by one of the men with a tree branch.
  2. Esmund wakes in a wooden cage without his armor, he is alone in his cage but a few others nearby seem to have families in them. He spends some time talking with the nearest group and learns that they’ve been captured for a week and that they are kidnapping people from surrounding homesteads to ransom back to the city. Esmund uses the fire spell to burn away at the back of his cage and starts to try and free the other captives, after freeing one family a guard comes by and calls out to others to stop them resulting in a fight breaking out and one of the family members being killed. The remaining escapees are overpowered and Esmund is bound and gagged and put in another cage where the body of the family member is left with him to remind him not to try and escape again. After dark one of the guards wakes him setting him free, explaining he is a guard from the city infiltrating the raiders. He gives Esmund a letter for Fremont and gets him to the nearby treeline warning him that he won’t have much of a lead so to hurry and get reinforcements.
  3. Esmund is waiting in Fremont’s office after getting his guards to let him into the mansion and sending them to get him. He notices many books about the nature of the gods and how the older races had communicated with them. When Fremont arrives Esmund gives him the letter from the guard and begins recounting what happened at the quarry. Fremont tells him he was a fool for thinking he could free the captives on his own but that he is glad such a good hearted person exists. Fremont calls in his captains and they begin to plan how to attack the quarry. Esmund is part of a small group sent ahead to track the raiders in case they decided to relocate since his escape, when they arrive only a fraction of the raiders are at the quarry and are easily overtaken, the prisoners explain that the rest had moved upon the city. Upon returning the group finds the remains of a battle near the city and celebration within, the raiders had attacked when the guard was already assembled and were easily defeated with many captives being taken.
  4. Esmund is celebrating his first successful mission and begins looking for the family that he had tried to help escape when he was captive. Talking to the citizens he can’t find any mention of the families that were taken for ransom. He urgently rushes to Fremont’s mansion to explain that the families may still be being held captive in the wilderness. The guards refuse to let him enter and tell him to meet him tomorrow at his town offices. Esmund is furious and decides to try and sneak in after dark remembering that it’s easier to be unnoticed in the shadows. That night Esmund is able to get near the estate and find his way in the servants’ entrance, he makes his way towards the office but waits outside the door when he hears voices within speaking about how the dungeons are bursting with supplies and the spectacle of the battle was good enough of a distraction. Esmund starts to retrace his way back out of the mansion but runs into a servant who starts calling for guards. Esmund escapes before being caught and decides to head to the city dungeons hoping to investigate before a warning can be sent about his snooping.


Surrealist or fantastical.

A person falls asleep at a campfire and is taken into a dreamworld. They wake in a forest of upside down trees whose roots reach high into the sky, wandering further brings them to a creek of flowing light with droplets occasionally floating up and off into the sky to become the stars, they wonder what the light would taste like but decide it best not to drink away the stars. Finally, the character comes to their campsite, but it is surrounded by different doors, opening each one shows different memories of the character’s life. They hesitate to enter any, scared to become trapped, instead they return to their sleeping bag and try to dream their way back to the waking world.



A family must return to a city in California where each generation grew up. A day long drive in a cramped car with much nervous energy, they are finalizing adoption and they will legally be a real family. The parents experience constant anxiety and fear of encountering the biological parents of their children at every stop in the city. They had moved away to escape. The special day arrives and after scrutinizing every stranger that passes by, they are ushered into the courtroom and are given legal family status, they return home and celebrate with cake.

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