Five Story Summaries

Aristotelian 3-part Structure

“Broken Bonds”

Act I: Introduction

Darha is a Thai immigrant who moved to the United States with her daughter, Soraya, in search of a better life. She was a proud and traditional woman, but her marriage to Soraya’s father had fallen apart and he had left her for a younger woman. This shattered Darha’s confidence and left her feeling empty and alone. In an effort to find love and security, Darha married Tyler, a charming and handsome younger man 15 years her junior who promised to love and take care of her for the rest of her life.

Act II: Rising Action

Despite their age difference, Darha was swept off her feet by Tyler’s words and attention, but Soraya was wary of him from the start. Soraya knew that Tyler was not to be trusted, and she did her best to warn her mother about his true nature. However, Darha was blinded by love and refused to listen to her daughter’s concerns. Soraya’s relationship with Tyler only worsened as she began to see how he treated her mother like a personal slave, doing all the hard work while he sat and did nothing.

As the tension between Soraya and Tyler escalated, Darha remained in the dark, unable to see the true nature of her new husband. Soraya tried to leave the house and escape Tyler’s abuse, but she was unable to find a way out. One day, Soraya disappeared without a trace, and Darha was left to search for answers.

Act III: Climax and Resolution

Darha’s search for Soraya led her to Peter, Soraya’s father, who had abandoned them years earlier for a younger woman. Peter had recently begun to investigate Soraya’s disappearance, and he had discovered a clue that pointed toward Tyler’s involvement and that she may be dead. With this information, Peter approached Darha and told her the truth about Tyler and Soraya’s disappearance.

Darha was devastated by the news, but she was determined to get justice for her daughter. She confronted Tyler, but he denied any wrongdoing and told her that Soraya had simply run away. Darha was left with more questions than answers, and she was unsure of what to do next, and who to believe.

Kishōtenketsu 4-part structure

“Intrusive Thoughts”

Introduction: Mason is a successful businessman from a small town with a tormenting problem – he’s convinced that he’ll die in his sleep and can’t seem to shake the thought.

Development: Mason tries everything to overcome his fear – from counting sheep to taking sleeping pills. But nothing works and the thought continues to haunt him, driving him further into exhaustion and madness.

Turning Point: Mason visits a therapist who tries to help him understand and confront his fear, but the intrusive thoughts only become more vivid and intense. Mason’s grip on reality starts to slip.

Conclusion: Mason’s fear consumes him entirely, and he becomes unable to function in daily life. He becomes a prisoner in his own mind, unable to escape the tormenting thoughts. The fear and exhaustion slowly drive him to madness, leaving him forever trapped in a world of darkness and fear.

Episodic Structure

(kid’s show)  “What the Woof”

Episode 1: “The Last Bark” The four dogs, Max, Bella, Charlie, and Rocky, are the only survivors in a world that have been devastated by a catastrophic event. They roam the empty streets and scavenge for food and supplies. They come across an abandoned pet store and decide to make it their home base.

Episode 2: “The Search for More” Max, Bella, Charlie, and Rocky venture out into the wasteland to find other survivors. They come across a group of cats who have formed their own society and are not welcoming of dogs. The dogs must work together to find a way to coexist with the cats and form an alliance.

Episode 3: “A New Dawn” The dogs and cats join forces and begin to rebuild society. They face challenges and obstacles along the way, but they never give up hope. The four dogs have become leaders and friends, and they have created a new world where all species can live in peace.


“Parallel Journeys”

Four friends are suddenly transported to different parallel universes and timelines, facing challenges that test their limits. With fantastical creatures and lost technologies, they must confront their fears and personal demons. They soon discover that one of them, Ryan, has the power to control parallel universes with his mind and that this power is coveted by a mysterious figure. The friends must come together to prevent a catastrophic event and decide whether to use Ryan’s powers for good. In the process, they uncover that Ryan’s powers stem from his schizophrenia and must support him in managing it. The story explores themes of friendship, betrayal, and the power of the mind as the friends embark on a new adventure, embracing their unique journeys and fighting for what they believe in.

Personal Anecdote


Bailey is a young woman from Toronto, who’s always struggled with body dysmorphia. Growing up, she was constantly told by those around her to conform to societal beauty standards and change her appearance to be more desirable. As a result, she developed a deep insecurity about her body and a desire to become an influencer to prove her worth to the world. But despite her best efforts, she always felt like she came up short and was never good enough.

When she arrives at college, Bailey is introduced to the underground world of ballroom culture, where people come together to celebrate individuality, creativity, and self-expression. Despite her initial reservations, she’s drawn to this community and begins to participate in competitive events. With the support of her new friends, Bailey begins to gain confidence and finally finds a place where she feels accepted for who she is.

But as she rises to the top of the ballroom scene, she discovers a dark and dangerous side to the competition – counterfeit beauty products and corrupt judges. Bailey must navigate this treacherous world and use her newfound confidence to fight for what’s right and expose the truth, all while learning to love and accept herself for who she truly is.

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