Post #1 Introduction

Name’s Breanna but call me Bree

I’m majoring in DTC with a focus on videogame development and overall focus of digital art. My passion for creativity shines through hobbies, which include photography, videography, music making, digital art, hiking, and adventuring around new areas. If I’m not at school then I’m helping small local businesses in Portland with web design, promotional videos and club photography for local lgbtq events around Portland and Seattle. If I’m not doing this then I’m working on personal projects or spending the time being active outside with hiking, skating, snowboarding, swimming or social hang outs with friends. I enrolled in this class to broaden my knowledge in digital storytelling and further develop my skills in the areas I am already interested in.  I think this class will provide me with the structure I need to effectively tell stories and express my creative side in new and exciting ways.

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