Post 3: Narrative Traditions II

“60 Characters” is a short story that explores the consequences of technology and social media on human relationships. The conflict in the story lies in the protagonist’s struggle to connect with her husband, who is consumed by his virtual life and the endless stream of characters he interacts with on social media. The protagonist finds herself feeling isolated and ignored in her own marriage as her husband becomes more and more engrossed in his virtual world.

The story evokes feelings of loneliness and disconnection, as well as the impact of technology on our relationships and daily lives. The narrative structure of “60 Characters” is straightforward, moving chronologically from the beginning to the end of the protagonist’s struggle with her husband’s obsession with social media. The use of short, fragmented sentences and the repetition of phrases such as “He was always on his phone” reinforce the protagonist’s feelings of disconnection and the overwhelming presence of technology in her life.

Overall, “60 Characters” serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of excessive technology use and the importance of maintaining real-life connections. The story highlights the need for balance between virtual and real-life relationships and the impact that technology can have on our relationships and daily lives.

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