Post #4: Visual Narrative I

Understanding Comics

I enjoy both writing and drawing, which has got me thinking about creating a comic book, or like other people have told me, a graphic novel. When I was reading Understanding Comics about the panel-to-panel transitions and how they work, as well as the different types, I was surprised by how little I knew about creating comic books. I mostly read Japanese comics (Manga), which has a different style to the western comic books. Also, I read comics that are from up to down while scrolling down my phone’s screen, which has made it easier to follow. Still, I was not aware of how panel transitions work, especially when I once tried to do it myself. I would like to try and implement different ways of panel-to-panel transitions and the bleeds as well. The bleeds are something I notice the most when I’m reading Japanese comics, which has me mesmerized and intrigued. 

Some things that I found interesting while reading Understanding Comics, the motion lines. These lines give motion to any object, person, creature, and scene, which makes the work more vivid and alive. I want my comics to be just as vivid as these lines and create something that intrigues the audience. 

Because of my interest in Japanese comic style, I would love to create a work inspired by it. Thanks to Understanding Comics, I’m more aware of the type of structure and style they follow. For example, they use aspect-to-aspect for some of their panel transitions, page bleed to emphasize a scene or feeling, and motion line to show motion.

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