Visual Narrative Outside The Frame

McCloud’s discussion of gutters was a very interesting read. The mind is incredibly good at filling in gaps within the smallest of spaces. The idea of being able to create bridges between even quite distinct images is something to consider. Something that I would like to potentially bring over to my own storytelling is the idea of creating a landscape or fuller picture of a setting. The idea of the 5th type of transition, much more present in Eastern comics than Western, is a good example of this concept. When shown a pot of boiling water, vegetables being chopped, a woman in an apron, and a ticking timer, we can put together an entire mental kitchen. Even complete with sounds, smells, maybe even feelings and tastes. By using separate but interconnected imagery, we can conjure entire worlds and concepts that one image alone wouldn’t suffice.

I also really enjoyed seeing the panel full of action and dialogue, simultaneously depicting a single moment and at least half a minute. The idea of a moment being made up of many different moments was intriguing. Clearly, it takes time to say and hear words. By keeping that in mind, it takes the time in comics to another level.

Another interesting idea presented was putting the reader in the action, usually done in Eastern comics. This idea is essentially a main character POV or putting the frame right in the action. I believe that this can connect tot he idea of gutters as well as time, creating opportunities for what I would call long mental action shots.

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