5 Story Summaries

Classical Aristotelian 3-part structure: Lily, a young woman who just graduated from college with a degree in English doesn’t know what to do with her life now. Soon after she has graduated from college, she inherits money from her grandma. Lily has always been an adventure seeker and is in need of a newfound self-discovery when a family member passes away and she inherits a large sum of money. Lily sets off on a journey and a lot of the way she faces challenges meets new friends and uncovers a dark family secret. She is now faced with a difficult decision to make that will determine the future of herself and her family. Throughout her journey, Lily learns more about herself and beings to grow into the person she knows she is meant to be. Upon coming home, Lily is no longer clueless about what she wants to do with her life, she has everything all planned out after her eye-opening adventure.

Kishōtenketsu 4-part structure: A boy and a girl have been together all through high school and everyone thinks they are going to be together forever. However, the summer before their senior year, the girl has to move because her dad got a new job halfway across the country. They aren’t ready to give up on their relationship yet, so they try to make long-distance work. However, this did not last for long, they realized it was too difficult and they were too young and eventually, they stopped talking altogether. They have both moved on and are now getting ready to go off to college. Upon going to their first college party, by a stroke of luck (or fate) they run into each other. They have both changed a lot in the last year and spent all night catching up with each other. In the end, the couple gets back together and they are happier than they were before.

Episodic structure (at least 3 mini-stories under a main theme): This story will be based around Jake Sterling, a brilliant and tenacious detective. Each mini-story will follow Detective Sterling as he works on new cases. 

Mini-Story 1: “The Small Town Murder”

Detective Sterling is called out to help with a case in the small city of Cape May, New Jersey. Cape May is a friendly town, where everyone knows each other and people feel safe like nothing could ever happen there. However, something terrible has happened in this small town. The mayor’s wife was found dead in their home. The mayor has recently upset the people in the city because he is trying to bring chain restaurants/fast food places into their small town full of family-owned businesses. To make matters worse, his affair has also just been exposed so there are plenty of suspects. Detective Sterling must unravel the truth behind the murder and catch the killer. 

Mini-Story 2: “The Stolen Relic”

There has been a string of robberies of smaller items from museums around the city. But,  when a valuable ancient relic worth millions is stolen from a prestigious museum, Detective Sterling is called in to catch the thief and retrieve the stolen relic. 

Mini-Story 3: “The Missing Heiress”

Detective Sterling is hired by the Pearson’s a wealthy family to find their missing daughter. All they know for sure is that their daughter was last seen at a high-end nightclub. The Pearson’s are a very powerful family that has made some enemies along the way and they are afraid one of them could be involved. Detective Sterling follows a trail of clues that leads to the discovery of blackmail and a web of deceit. 

Surrealist or fantastic mode: A young woman in her final year of law school was going about her typical day when she accidentally discovered she has the power to manipulate time. Law school is extremely difficult, especially in your final year. So, as any other law student would do upon discovering this power, she started by using it to give her more time to study and prepare for cases she was assisting on. However, after using her power a few times, she quickly realizes something is off. Whenever she manipulates time it changes something in the past that will eventually have far-reaching consequences in the present and future. Things start to get too out of hand and she must now start her journey fixing the damage done by her time manipulation in order to restore the natural flow of time. 

A personal anecdote as a fictional story: One night in late December it started to snow. Two friends were bored and wanted to go on an adventure. They wanted to drive up into the hills to find some snow. They did not intend to be up there very long or go up very far, so they went alone in one car. It is common knowledge that you should not be going up to find snow alone especially in the dark however, they did it anyways. They had a fun time but it was around 9 pm and the snow was getting heavier, so they decided it was time to head back. However, one of the friends wanted to try to make it up this one last hill before turning around which ended up getting them stuck. With no one knowing where they are and no tools to get them out, they have to use whatever they have in the car to break them free.

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