Visual Narrative I

When generating ideas for the visual narrative assignment, I want to stress on the whole “gutters” concept McCloud introduces as having the audience be able to try and formulate what I as the creator want them to think. As McCloud puts it, “Participation is a powerful force in ANY medium.” (McCloud 69). I utilized skrollr for a project and I found how stories can be effective in utilizing scroll navigation as well as combining these transitions to fit a scroll format. I do also want to keep in mind how McCloud talks about how even simple illustrations can be used to add contrast between either from a visual standpoint or when to convey certain emotions. I want to try and draw out my illustrations for this project and I think simple illustrations will help out, time management wise and I could add detail when required to get that audience participation.

In terms of comics and visual narratives, I gravitate towards ones where it is more anthologized according to how McCloud phrases this interpretation of comics. I don’t rely much on action in terms of my own narrative ideas and I am more attracted to the whole aspect-to-aspect and scene-to-scene format McCloud discusses in terms of transitions. While action-to-action helps to provide a sense of movement and flow within the story, I do notice how fast you can get through those portions. If I want my reader to become more immersed into the story and characters, there is at most a domination of three formats to ensure that it continues to persuade the audience to keep going.

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